November Crowds


Anyone have any idea about how crowded it will be at WDW around Nov 18th - Nov 23rd??

Thanks in advance!!


I think that is normally a quiet time of year, except for maybe the last few days as I believe you will be running into Thanksgiving week.


Yes, we will be arriving the Thursday before Thanksgiving and leaving the day before Thanksgiving.


My parents were there this past November for the week prior to Thanksgiving and it was very quiet. They came back home on the Saturday before Thanksgiving. They had a great time and all the Christmas decor was up.
It was a great time to go…enjoy!!:mickey:


There will be a lot of people arriving the Saturday and Sunday before Thanksgiving, with plans to stay the week. It will be a little more crowded in the parks the second half of your trip. Just be sure to make dining ressies as soon as you are eligible to make them (May?) and plan your park visits well – go early, stay late, take advantage of EMH, use your FPs… you will be fine. And you’ll get to see Christmas decorations too!


Unofficial Guide’s crowd calendar shows the 18th & 19th to be level 4 and all the other days to be level 9. The scale is 1-10, 1 the lowest, 10 the highest.