November Flight


We are going to WDW in November and will be flying from NY or NJ. The best flights that I can get are about $175 which is a bit much. So here I wait and wait and wait for the flights to come down more. Is anybody out there is a similar situation? Are you waiting or should I just book at $175?


I just booked ours last night for our trip in December. We are flying out of Boston and I got tickets on Delta Song for $177. I called a friend who goes to FL from MA a lot and she told me to book, that she didn’t think I’d see it go much lower. I had hoped to get them at $200 max so I felt good about this price and booked.

When in November are you going? Isn’t there a Jersey Week that the schools are off? That might be a heavy air travel week and you know around Thanksgiving always is.



Thanks Allyson,

We are going Nov 7th till the 19th which is around the two days off for teacher’s convention. I’m starting to think that I am just being picky with $175. Even if it was $155 which is around what we usually pay, that would only be $120 less for 6 tickets. I’d blow that in a heartbeat at a character meal. :wink:


I think $175 is pretty good. I am usually happy with anything less than $200.


Take the $175.


I think I would go ahead and book also.


We are also planning on going in November ( 7th- 16th) and we are holding out for our airfare. The past two years we have flown out in Oct. and Nov. ( from detroit) and have paid around $150 per person rt. We usually fly with Spirit , right now it is at $228 pp rt… so we will be playing the waiting game…
BUT if you don’t like to take chances I would go ahead and book for the $175… Have a great time! :mickey:


I am playing the waiting game as well. We flew last year with Delta out of Buffalo and roundtrip was $187 per person. Now it is up to $217 roundtrip. I read somewhere previously that once Southwest announces their airfare for the 2nd part of the year every other airline will drop their airfare. Try they have some great deals. It helps if you are flying during the week as well. Originally my plans were fly out of Buffalo on sunday and come home on sunday. I changed it to tuesday to tuesday, much cheaper to fly during the week.


We are going in Novermber and DEN to MCO is over $300 right now. I would love for it to come down to $175!!!


wow I didn’t relise flights from New York to MCO were so cheap! WOW!
take it!
I’m planning on going to NYC in the fall sometime…maybe October, so it’s good to know the prices aren’t huge.


OK, I didn’t book. Today I check and flights have gone completely insane. Like $350-$500 round trip. What is going on??? :crying: :crying: :crying: :crying:

Any thoughts?

This better be a short-term blip or we will be walking to Disney in November!


I hope so!!! Does Jersey week usually book that far ahead?


We are going in September and will be paying $175 tax included.

Did you try Airtran?


Not like that. I don’t know what the heck just happened. Now, all I can do is wait because there is no way that anybody is paying those prices. At those prices, the airlines can fly empty planes. :tongue:


skwak have you checked out taking the auto train? It’s very nice but an over night trip. Also you have to get down to Viriginia, but very worth having your car down in Disney to be able to go outlet shopping!


We haven’t because flying has always been so affordable but thanks for the suggestion.

Also, I just checked and the flights have gone up again. :eek: There has to be some scheduling blip going on at the moment because there is not anybody who is going to pay $300 to $800 to fly from NYC to Orlando with an entire family!!


Wait for SW fares to come out. They will beat all the other fares. Download ding if you don’t already have it and check daily for updates on your other airlines. We always fly SW or airtran out of Philly and have never paid more than about $160 sometimes as low as $100 RT.


We are going 11/28 - 12/4 this year! My travel agent said she will book our air in June when South West publishes their Airfare for that time period. She said once South west does this the other major carriers will compete with the prices. I am coming from California.


woohoo! I booked our air for November 17-28 and we found a deal for $172. I am so glad I waited. I am sure other prices will come down too!