November or december


I have to have back surgery and we will need to reschedule our October trip… so we are trying to decide… would the first week of november be better or the week before dec 18th? any suggestions, opinions. how cold is dec or november. how crowded.?


That’s a tough one. I went the week of the 18th last year (December 18-25) and it was unseasonable cold, like FREEZING for FL. At night it would drop to like 28 degrees and you’d almost think the snow on Main Street was real! :laugh:

That said, I think it was a FREAK thing. I know our weather is changing slightly, but I would doubt it would be that cold again two years in a row. (It seems to skip years) Either way, come prepared - layers!

We’d see people in the elevators in shorts and Ts, we’d have our jackets on (it was 60 degrees) they would laugh and say “We came from -5 weather this is nothing!” But then at night in the parks . . . we were the only ones left! :laugh: I’d take out the coats, hats and gloves and we’d bundle up and ENJOY it! While everyone else was “freezing” and leaving!

I know 28 doesn’t seem cold to some, but go from a high of 85 down to a low of 28, I don’t care who you are you feel it!

Good luck with your surgery! :heart:


I would worry more about how well you will be recovered. Years ago my DH had hurt his back and was in bed for a month (that was the thinking then), three weeks later we were at disney. We sat on every bench in the world. He just couldn’t run around like crazy.

But to your question, we have gone in dec and it does get chilly or even downright cold at night. We are going this dec and will definitely bring sweatshirts, jackets, gloves, etc. Right now we are working on getting all of our days at the BCV, so for most days we won’t carry that stuff during the day. Just hop back to the room. In the past I just carried the stuff all day (with Dec short hours, we didn’t want to waste time going back to the room), so when even when it was 80 degrees, I had a backpack stuffed with everything. Can we say “pack mule”? :laugh:


Nov will be warmer than dec but we are going in Dec this year. The 2nd thru thru the 8th. The last few times we gone during that time frame it been cold at night. Around the low 40’s by midnight to a high of 80’s during the day. Just make sure that you have a nice warm coat and sweaters for the early morning and nights.


I am having a spinal fusion so it will 10 weeks until we can go that puts it around the middle of dec. he said by 12 week i will be as good as im going to get. tI have a 21 year old history of back problems and my third surgery… plus dd is graduating dec 18th. so we thought gt to disney and see her graduate… Im not sure the md will let me go in november . plus i thought this would be good therapy something to look forward too to get me thru it… .


I think even the december trip may be pushing things for you a little. There is so much walking involved.

Why not plan for a late winter/early spring trip instead. That way you know you will be recovered.


I would go as late as possible that way you know you’ll have the best chance of feeling good. If you go too early you might not feel like doing much.


I would give yourself as much time as possible to recover. JMHO.


Usually mid December is pretty nice, but I recall both 85 degree Christmases and 30 degree Christmases. I’ve been swimming at midnight on New Year’s Eve and I’ve been shivering from cold.
December can be strange, but on average, the weather is pretty nice. And if it’s freezing in Florida, you can imagine how much colder it is everywhere else!
The Christmas crowds start to descend on WDW around the 18th, that’s the reason it goes from being value season to peak in terms of room rates.
If you’re talking about arriving on the 11th, you should be fine all the way around. Just pack some warmer clothes, just in case.


By the way, seeing as you will still be recovering from surgery, I don’t think renting an ECV should be out of the question. You do have a legitimate need if you’ve recently has spinal surgery. And usually I am one of the first to mutter about “seemingly” health people using scooters.
Just try to not do too much driving under the influence of pain killers:laugh:


dh will be driving… this will be more of a take it slow and rest vacation plus see my dd graduate. we wont be doing park commando style. more time at the hotel we plan on staying at port Orleans riverside… we are going next october 2010. so that one will be more of our usual get there when the parks opens and close it down this time not so much… thanks for all the help… and a ecv sounds like a valid idea.


Make very sure you request a ground floor room.


First, good luck with your surgery! I under went a cervical fusion 5 weeks ago and feel great but limited in mobility since I am in a collar for 10 weeks but well worth it.
On one of our Disney trips I had recently undergone an achilles tendon repair and rented the scooter. It was actually a blessing to have the scooter to get around. Although I have to admit the crowds were difficult to get through with the scooter. Many people who were looking up or around while walking would walk into the scooter and then get frustrated with me for being in their way.
Again good luck with your surgery and have a great trip!!!


I know you probably will want to go in November but I definately think you should wait until December health wise. BUT, how about the fact that if you go in Dec, you will get to see the Castle all decorated for the Christmas holiday! Definately a must see for a Disney Fan!!! There is so much to do that time of year as well.

As far as weather goes, we were there last Christmas season (November 29 - December 9th) and it was COLD! We are New Englanders and are very used to the cold weatehr but it still threw us for a loop considering we were expecting FL weather. So be prepared! Everyone said to pack for everything, but that was such a waste of space. I was doing laundry every other night (thank goodness we have DVC due to the washer/dryers in the rooms) because we all needed to stay in our warmer clothes. We even bought a fleece blanket for the kids in the stroller one night! Luckily we packed gloves, they were used!!!

Feel better and good luck with your surgery!


I am of now use to this as I have never been during either month… just wanted to wish you good luck with your surgery…I completly understand a getaway as soon as possible after surgery from being cramped up in your house…I had mutiple shoulder surgerys a few years ago from work and i was going stir crazy at home and all within a couple of weeks planned and headed out to WDW for my first every visit and it was well worth it.


December has great weather, but you may need a windbreaker or jacket for evenings and long pants after dark. November is warmer, actually lovely weather usually. I’ve been to WDW twice on crutches, and I can tell you it is the nicest place for recovery that I can think of, and the CMs will do everything they can to help you out if you need it. I highly recommend renting the electric scooter, too. (I usually only rented them at the parks, because a regular wheelchair was always available to use at the resort if requested.)


I go in Nov. for two holidays for the price of one. I go for Thanksgiving week. I get Thanksgiving and Christmas at the same time…The weather is decent also.