NOW I'm ready to go to DL


…when according to my mother, clearly I wasn’t ready before.

Shopping today… and there’s the Disney outlet store. Apparently there’s a new rule that you can’t go to Disneyland unless you’re wearing a Disney shirt. :wacko: :laugh:

Soo… DS9 got two new shirts, a Goofy and a Mickey, to bring his total up to 3 Disney shirts. DD already has two adorable Tinkerbell dresses for her trip (seriously, how cute is this? It’s so adorable I can’t stand it.) But her grandpa insisted she also needed a shirt… so it’s a new Minnie shirt for the little one. Since we’ll be there 4 different days, clearly one day we’re going to be in crisis mode, but I’m betting we get through it.

And the fact that I didn’t have a Disney shirt to wear was deemed completely unacceptable… so now I have a purple Mickey shirt to wear.

My mom got herself a new Eeyore and a new Pooh shirt.

So thank goodness, now we’ll all be allowed in the park. :laugh: (My mom just cracks me up. But it was awesome at the outlet… the most expensive of the shirts was $7. Bargain!)


I :heart: our Disney Store outlet. It’s about 45 minutes away from my house, and having 3 kids, I don’t get there as often as I’d like, but the prices can be beat! It’s so good that you and your family could visit your outlet to get the shirts you need to be allowed into Disneyland!:laugh:

I love that little Tinkerbell dress! I wish my girls were still little enough to wear it because I would HAVE to buy it! :happy:


thats so cute I bet you will all look great in your disney wear