Now my DH is freaking out


He doesn’t want to stay on-site, because he’s afraid he’s going to have a bad sales year & wants us to save more money. I’ve been sooooo looking forward to finally staying on site! In previous years, we put everything on credit cards & took forever to pay off the vacation. This year, we’re doing it the right way & paying ahead, not on credit. Sorry, but I think that’s a pretty huge step in the right direction for us. We have savings, DH is just being a grinch. help!:confused:


Well… why don’t you see how it goes, and find out when the last date you can get your money refunded is? Go ahead with what you want to do, but if your DH is right and things aren’t looking good, have a solid point at which you say, “Okay, we have to go to Plan B”, or “Hooray! Everything is better than we’d hoped! On with the on-site trip!”


Money’s due Feb 13. We’re using part of our tax refund to pay the balance off … not even half of the refund … I mean, really, he’s always worrying about “what if” … I’m not like that & we disagree on life when it comes to worrying about “what if”. I don’t know what to do with him today.


Hmm…well you can play the wait and see game! Or…what about staying in a less expensive room category at the Contemporary. Or…maybe a less expensive on-site resort? Staying in a moderate resort might be a good compromise.



But I do understand his point. Things are tough all over. Sounds like you guys are definitely doing it the right way, it would be a shame to resort to credit cards if you don’t have to. Could you change your reservation to a room only one? With a room only reservation, you have until 5 days before you check in to cancel without losing your deposit. Maybe that would be a better option for you?


Oh, that would make no diff. in regards to the trip timing. Here’s the thing: HE & I are going to St. Maarten for FREE, courtesy of his boss & the annual “Presidents Club” trip DH earned for 2007 … on March 14-18. This is the 3rd year in a row he’s qualified & we have not taken our kids on a vacation anywhere. It’s time the kids have a turn, kwim?

This is a silly question, but if we move off-site (again, sigh) … I won’t lose all my dining reservations, will I?


Oh, well if timing is not the problem, then, yes, it is time for kids!!:happy:

No, your dining reservations are linked to your phone number, if I am not mistaken, and I think you would have to call and cancel them in order to lose them.


My DH went through some of the same worries when we were planning this trip…basically I had to sit him down and remind him that, all things considered, staying on-site was a much better deal for us.

If you stay at a Value on Disney property, you can estimate that it will only cost you about $30 more per night than the cheapest-of-the-cheap rooms off-site. When you begin to weigh in the factors such as transportation (Disney has free, efficient transportation - off-site you’re looking at slow, scheduled shuttles or having to rent a car), Extra Magic Hours (Disney guests get to spend extra hours in certain parks, off-site guests don’t) and sheer convenience (think of all you’ll have at your fingertips - food courts, gift shops, swimming pools, picnic areas - a lot of amenities the off-site properties don’t offer), Disney ends up winning hands-down.

I hope you can convince your DH to stay on-site this once…because once you do, you never go back to off-site! :happy:


Maybe you can compile a pro’s and con’s list and show him it is worth the money. Have everything ready and prove your point.


Thanks dznygrl … I’m a “big-picture” person & DH is not. He is stuck in what’s going on in his work life this month, understandable. I’ve been the one managing our money for years (after he messed it up big time). I’ve seen our old debt shrink – I just paid off my college loans this month, it took 15 yrs, but they’re GONE! Pardon me, but I just want to celebrate! LOL I’m hoping my DH will chillax & come back around. I think it’s a waste of time to worry “what if” … because you just can’t control everything. We might as well enjoy a very hard earned (debt-free!) vacation with our kids that we don’t spend nearly enough time with. Our schedule is crazy! I have a jr. high schedule, elementary, and preschool schedule to manage. Half the time, yes, I am the mom-taxi. I want our kids to have this memory, dagnabit.


I’m the Tigger to his Eeyore today! :laugh:


:laugh: The good news is, I bet he will come around. Even if he makes you flip-flop back and forth for a while, I really do think he will come around. He sounds a lot like my DH.

We are about 4 days away from our trip right now, and suddenly my DH has all sorts of input and ideas he never had before this point! :rolleyes: :laugh: He’s finally getting excited and not worrying about $$ as much as he was before.


Also remember that if you drive every day to the parks… you are paying about $11 plus gas… if that helps your argument any… you are paying for the atmosphere and the memories that your children will have… Good luck planning your trip!


ITA about the atmosphere! I simply cannot wait to see the looks on our kids faces. To experience the magic that is Disney. My DH is one of Disneys biggest fans, he should be happy, not freaking out! I’m going to remind him that we’ve postponed this trip twice already (ie, all my hard work on reservations & itinerary planning got shot down twice) … :frown:


I couldn’t agree more… 1/2 the magic, is staying onsite.


Look at my kids in that avatar … I have an Ariel, a Belle (sans new glasses she just got) … and a … a … future Prince Charming. Yeah, that’s it … LOL. Either that or Buzz Lightyear. He’s obsessed with outer space. ha ha They are super excited about this trip.


Stu and I discussed something similar a few months ago and when we sat down and really figured it out, we were not saving any money by staying offsite.

Two rooms for 9 nights at Pop Century with discount code : $1116
Rental House for 9 nights right outside Disney + pool heat charge: $1215
Parking while staying on site: $0
Parking while staying off site: $100
No rental car if staying on site: $0
Rental car if staying off site: $550
Dining Plan if staying on site: $1845
Our dining budget from 2005 when we stayed off site (for 6) $2100

So…to stay on site for the 6 of us with dining and park tickets for 9 days, it’s $4150.

If we were to stay offsite, it would have cost $5315

I just can’t see how staying offsite will save money. Yes, if we stayed offsite, we’d have a whole house as opposed to two connecting rooms, but we’re not there often enough for it to matter.


I can understand your DH’s point of view and can also feel for you. If you have the savings and are able to do it without going into debt, than stay on site. IF it’s going to make you struggle financially, then just stay off site like DH wants to…any disney is better than none.


With a family of five we ended up saving more staying at a house. The food really adds up and with a couple meals taken care of at the house it does make a difference. We also get a lot more space. Every time I try to price out staying at Disney over renting a house and car, the house rental wins out. Although, one of these days I want to stay onsite and do the dining plan. I agree that it would be more magical.


Yeah, totally, this is a debt-free trip! He’d just rather put the money into savings, than take the trip. Then, he mulls over it & says we should stay off-site. I hope he comes around, I really do. I don’t want to argue with him, that’s no fun.:crying: