Now Polynesian DVC?


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Apparently, balloons were seen floating over the Poly a few weeks ago, which is speculated to be related to DVC additions at the Polynesian resort.

Disney’s Polynesian Resort news - PHOTOS - Sight-line test balloons up over Disney’s Polynesian Resort

All three monorail resorts getting DVC additions? That sure adds value to DVC. Makes it more desirable to me…


There were pictures of those balloons posted on WDWnews today a few weeks ago and that was what everyone was speculating. I guess we shall see. They have to finish the Grand Floridian first.


I wonder when the Grand Floridian is scheduled to be completed. Do they have a phase one where some rooms are available?


I haven’t seen anything yet. I can’t imagine that being done before summer next year or later. Here’s a current picture.


Wow that long. Well I guess it gives me something to look fwd to.


I could be wrong, but I am going with how long it took them to get BLT done and how far they have got so far. Based off my picture, they are a LONG way from opening. They have been “clearing” the area for two months.


If building in the Florida swampland is anything like building here along the SC coast, the work to stabilze the ground can be a nightmare unto itself. BLT had the old North Garden wing space to build on. It looks like they are filliing in a small part of Seven Seas Lagoon for part of the project. After that they have to dig out any of the remaining poor soils, replace them with soils that will not shift or compact more than planned, and then they can go verticle. Not fun, especially if you don’t get it right the first time.


My thoughts exactly and why I think a year away is being optimistic. It has taken them two months to just fill that in.


Grand Floridian holds absolutely zero appeal to me. The Poly however is a whole other thing. I hope its completed just exactly when I am ready to buy in!


Gotta love all of our diffferent tastes. Pam and I would choose the GF over the Poly.


I guess that’s what makes Disney World so special - something for every taste!


Poly is #1
BC/BW tie for #2 with BC having the edge because of the pool :happy:


I’m not a DVC member but is the plan to establish DVC at all the Deluxe hotels? Just curious. I would think that too many would take away from available rooms for non members. But then again non members can rent the rooms can’t they. We don’t go often enough to make DVC worthwhile—ie every 2-3 years.

Just as long as no one messes with POCQ. :laugh:


I couldn’t agree more!



I believe they are trying to have the GF DVC done by the end of 2014 and the Polynesian DVC done in 2017.


Wow pretty cool. I can’t wait for both to be done. I know the Poly DVC is going to look amazing.


My goodness, if this is true, this would be the day I finally bought DVC. I would be among the first in line for my 2nd favorite place on earth to finally be partially mine.


I wish that were the case. I never really wanted to get DVC but it might be the best way to stay at the Polynesian in the future but I realize that DVC is the type of timeshare that you own nothing (unlike some timeshares that you do own property). I will basically be paying Disney in advance for my vacations. After the 40 or 50 year contract I know I will end up paying more in dues than the initial payment of $30,000 to $60,000 it will cost based on what they are saying the points for the Polynesian DVC will be. I was even told it will be the most expensive DVC on property.


No surprise if it is the most expensive. It is the best location on property…


Great point and that is the thing that has stopped us from buying DVC so far. I am sure we will try to rent those points though, over and over. :slight_smile:

The Poly is just another one of my favorite Tiki locations. Expensive or not, and even if I could never justify the DVC, I still can’t wait to see it.