Now Soarin Is Down


Soarin’, has been temporarily closed for urgent maintenance. Seems a guest managed to exit their seat prior to take off, which has now raised questions about how they got around the restraint system. There were no injuries but, Soarin’ at Disney’s California Adventure has also been closed pending the investigation. No word yet on when the ride will reopen.


Dumb tourist! On the other side, Disney is forced to try to protect the tourist from themselves… Glad no one else was not hurt!


Remember when we let the herd thin itself… :wink:



Why are people such idiots? “Yay, big thrill, haha Disney, I got around your safety device, you’re so stooopid, I’m so awesome, I put one over on Disney! Fooled you!”

Arrgh. Why even bother? I will never understand.

But I want to slap someone upside the head.


Yes. I remember when theherd thinned itself. I think we are trying to mess with mother nature. It will never work.


Back when I was managing software development we called it Stupid End User Tricks. The hardest part of my job was explaining to clients that the more we had to code against stupid users the more it cost.

There is no common sense anymore and instead we litigate around it.



oh yes, that was a long time ago :pinch:
We should try that again…


…I remember when a teen decided to show off and get out of the doom buggy about 20 years ago…I’m trying to recall all the details but usually the family sues Disney. There will always be people who ruin things for others.


I’ve wanted to get out of the boat on IASW a few times, but that had nothing to do with showing off, :ohmy:


I am SO glad we didn’t wait until today to go to EPCOT. I would have been so so so so angry!


they had it back up in two hours.


Well…there’s more than one reason I use the nickname “Smallworld”!


My daughter tried to hop back on HM when she was 5. We were walking out right after we got off the doombuggys. There is a tiny walkway that goes alongside the doombuggys, and she tried to hop back on. Luckily, I was there and I snagged the back of her shirt, and had to lift her off the ground in what must have looked like a child kidnapping. It was the only way to keep her from getting pinned between the wall and the cars. We joke now about the time that she tried to become the 100th ghost, but at the time it was not funny at all… It could have been really serious. There is a metal post there now.


Epcot needs another E ticket attraction. I couldn’t imagine going to the park for the day and finding out that along with Test Track, Soarin’ is close too.


If they had added the Mt. Fuji roller coaster like they were originally planning in Japan- it would be a HUGE draw…


Agreed but you would have to wait until 11am.


Soaring is back up, rode it three times today with my DM


We were in line when this incident happened. They told us it was temproarily closed and turned all of us away. I thought it was odd that the Fastpass section was completely closed also, so had a feeling it wasn’t a typical reason for being down. Then this morning, we went back to Sorin, and it was closed again. Spoke to a cm who mentioned “The idiot who decided to leave his seat while the ride was in motion has caused all employees company wide to have new training so it doesn’t happen again.”


Thanks for the update.


Hopefully they armed them with cattle prods!