Now that I'm down to only


3 Days . . .

I find myself thinking about how many times I need to do something before I leave. I only need to cook 3 more dinners, do laundry twice etc. Does anybody else do this?

BTW, work is all set now - sent out the last thing I had to get done before vacation yesterday. Boy that feels good. Now i just have 5 hours here today and then I’m on vacation (taking the next 2 days off because the kids get out of school today).


I do the same thing, and I constantly think of things that I need to do. And then I have a little anxiety about leaving my dog, even though we hire a dog walker and the neighbors take care of him. But once I am on that plane, it’s smooth sailing, a calm takes over.
Happy travels and have a great trip!


Have a great time!! I am super jealous, LOL!! I find myself doing that too. Like I only 196 more dinners to cook, but who’s counting, LOL!


Hopefully time will fly for you. I know that it usually does for me as I am making sure I have done everything I need to do before leaving on vacation.


I do the same thing before trips. My big thing is looking on the out dates (like milk and eggs) and thinking that by that time we’ll be at WDW.


LOL! I hadn’t though of that, but I do plan on getting rid of most perishables in the fridge before we leave. DS and DD aren’t too crazy about their meal options lately (yes, corn on the cob does go with leftover waffles :tongue: )


Haha! We try to use everything up before we leave too. You are soooo close!


That is so true, that is usually one thing I forget to do is to go through the refrig and check dates, empty the milk container, get rid of anything that might spoil.
Oh and don’t forget to have a GREAT TIME!


rub it in, rub it in Miss E&B :biggrin:


OK come on - I’m not nearly as bad as Boss Mouse was!

The next two days I’m kind of busy (trip to amusement park with friends, and then packing and errands) so you might not see me rubbing it in as much after this morning!


Im the opposite- I keep a list of all the things Ill forget and that seems to overwhelm me so much that I dont think of how may meals etc… I worry - I have to run the dishwasher and do a load of bleach last ( front load washer) and I have to pack the dog and set the beds and blah blah- I am also one that likes a clean house to come home to so i pack the week before and then spend a week cleaning with nervous energy…


You can rub it in all you want, I would.


Rub, Rub, Rub . . . :angel:


So not fair! Im not even close enough to book the package nevermind 3 days to going!


I always wake up and say x amount of days until WDW!!!


I’m so happy for you!! You’ve been planning this trip for SO long, and it’s finally here. That’s what’s so neat about DC…we get to see the WHOLE process…I love it. It makes me feel like…I’m CLOSE to the situation…it’s cool!

I can’t wait for you to get there! Universal is gonna be a blast :c) :c)

I wanna hear about EVERY detail when you get back!


3 days!!! Tha is great! I hope you guys have a great time, and I love the fact that corn on the cob goes with left over waffles!!! Very creative!


I had to laugh when I read this! My DW does the exact same thing! :laugh: :laugh:

3 DAYS!!! Have a great trip!! :mickey: :mickey: :mickey: :mickey:


I do that same thing. How many work shifts left, how many times I have to do just about everything before the actual trip…lol Makes time go faster I think.


I’d go crazy if I thought about how many more dinners I have to cook, etc. :laugh:

But go ahead and brag. I know I’ll be doing the same thing when my trip gets closer! So consider yourselves warned. :laugh: