Now we wait


:blink: Well, we just purchased our 10 day magic your way passes for DW, DD and DS now all we have to do is watch the calendar as it ever so slowly marches on. Are we there yet??? :blink: :sleeping: :whistling


Congrats on your tickets. I see you have 4 more days and you can start making your PS’. That’s the fun part.

Don’t you just hate the waiting game? Never seems to go fast:)


Congrats on getting your tickets. What are you planning for your PSs? Only a few days until you can start calling!! That makes it even more real.


Thanks guys. Hey hiner where is Worcester PA? Any where near the eastern part of the state? Yes the waiting game drags on and on but I always have my countdown going on inside my head.

Disneyteacher, right now we are planning on HDDR, a Fantasmic package and Donald’s breakfastasaurus and the calls will be made on Friday night and/or Saturday. Can’t wait!! :laugh:


Sounds like you have some great plans for your PS’s. I would definitely recommend the Fantasmic dinner package. We went with Mama Melrose and really enjoyed it. Boy did we get alot of food!!


Sounds great!! We love the HDDR, good food and great fun.


I know. The waiting is the worst. I think that for my October trip, I’m going to document the stages I go through during the waiting game:

anticipation of booking
excitement over booking
exhiliration of early planning
slight depression once the whole thing is planned but I can’t make PSs yet
excitement over making PSs
depressive slump while waiting for the countdown to tick through the 90s, 80s, 70s…
slight pick-me-up when we hit the 40s and I can start buying new vacation clothes
euphoria in the 30s when I can start packing
near-death-experience in the 20s and 10s when the minutes take FOREVER!
craziness of the last few days when I realize I should’ve done all of this preparation
during the 20s!!!