Now what?


Thanks to the 50’s PT thread here in the restaurant section I found out that the restaurant was going to be closed for renovations. I happen to have a PS for 3 days before the restaurant is scheduled to reopen. I called Disney and the CM said that I should keep my PS for the day I have it as many times the restaurants reopen a little earlier than planned, but I should make another PS somewhere else just in case. This is where my problem lies. I don’t know where else to eat in MGM. Last time we tried Mama Melrose. While we enjoyed the meal here I wanted to try new places this trip. Can everyone help me choose another place in MGM or the MGM area?? This is for dinner and there will be a 4 yr old included.


Have you considered Hollywood & Vine? I have ADR’s for January with the Fatasmic! package. I’ve never eaten there but I’m looking forward to trying it.

I didn’t love Mama Melrose’s. I guess after growing up between NY and RI, and being Italian-American myself, I’m pretty spoiled and picky when it comes to Italian food.

It has been a while since I’ve eaten at MM though, and I’d be willing to give it another try.


Oh, no question about it. If you want a fun meal and simple food, go to the Sci-Fi Dine In. It’s always a toss up for us as to which one of those two to choose anyway.


Dude, you have to tell me how H&V works out. I have ADR’s for June.


I also recommend Hollywood and Vine!!


H&V is EXCELLENT!!! I’ve eaten there twice. Once with and once without the Fantasmic dinner package. The food is excellent, and it was pretty cool to get into Fantasmic and sit in your own special section. Plus, when you walk to Fantasmic, you get to walk behind the scenes, through the “Batcave” entrance, so you kinda get to see some of MGM you wouldn’t normally see. It was pretty cool.

But the food was great. It’s a buffet, but they also have an excellent desert bar with all kinds of different chocolate goodies… YUM! If I had my choice of anywhere in MGM, it would definitely be H&V.


I also recommend Hollywood and vine its one of my favorites on property I love the corn spoon bread they have and their chicken is so yummy Its one of the few buffets that have healthier alternatives if you are watching what you eat and the dessert bar is to yummy to pass up


I agree. Hollywood and Vine or the Sci-Fi Drive In are both great alternatives. We always hit both on every trip. You can’t go wrong choosing either one.


I would do Sci-Fi if you haven’t done it yet. Pretty neat to do at least once. :tongue:


I only ate at Sci-Fi once, a few years ago…probably 4 or 5 years ago now… Anyway… I thought the food was pretty good, but I thought it was a little over priced for normal stuff like sandwiches, etc…

Am I the only one that thought this?


If you are just wanting to dine I would do Sci-Fi too! We love it there. If you are going for a Fantasmic package you will have to do H&V or Mama’s. We ate H&V last year and it was good. We are trying Mama’s this year.

I think so too but then again, isn’t just about everything? We went there twice and the first time we both ordered, the second time we ordered one meal and split it. It cut down on the cost and we ate the whole thing, the first time we left food on own our plates as it was just to much food! But it is fun to do at least once. :mickey:


I think Sci-Fi is a good idea, especially travelling with a 4 year old. I think they’d get into having dinner in a car (the seats are all replicas of 1950’s cars). It’s great theming for kids IMHO


Sci-Fi was my then 4yr olds fav eating place the whole trip. I would choose that.


I enjoyed Sci-Fi…BUT…it’s not the greatest …it’s a little (ok VERY) overpriced…I honestly think they’d be better off serving hotdogs and milkshakes bc that’s what the atmosphere is like…I hope PT opens up for you…yummmmmmmmmmmmmy!
But I have heard nothing but good things about H and V but I have never eaten there


That’s a good point too… I hadn’t even considered that. I was only thinking about food & price… good point.


Thanks everyone. I was really looking forward to 50’s PT so I am still holding out hope that they will rush through the job. I am seriously leaning toward Sci-Fi only because I am a bigger fan of sit-down meals rather than buffets (just my personal preference.) My only concern with Sci-Fi is the seating. I have seen pictures of the cars and while they look cool I sort of don’t like how it seems that half of your party is behind you. Okay, I am done complaining about this. I will be in Disney afterall and really will be thrilled no matter where I eat.


It’s actually quite fun. Everyone’s attention is focused on the movie and the food anyway. With it being dark and moderately loud, it’s not a place to go for conversation anyway. There are little lights underneath the top of your “dashboard” so you can see your food, but otherwise it’s pretty dark, just like a real drive-in.

If you’ve never been, you really need to try it at least once. There’s a good reason why it’s always busy. :happy: