Now you guys have got me worried


I was all set to enjoy MK EMH on Sunday night Jan 22nd. I’m hearing on here a lot lately, to avoid evening EMH because of the crowds. If you stop and think about it, it does make sense. I mean, it’s the only one of the four parks that’s open at that time. And like someone else mentioned, even if the resorts are half full because of Value Season, everyone of those guests who are at a theme park, will be at MK.

Many of you have said that you developed a strategy to avoid evening EMH as your trip wore on. Well I’d like to go in already armed with that strategy.

So, please tell me, should I avoid MK evening EMH on Sunday Jan 22?


I did the EMH at MK back in August and it was a blast! I love the MK at night and honestly the crowds were COMPLETLY fine, and that was AUGUST! I personally think you’ll be fine. We try to avoid crowds too but for some reason we had absolutely no problem with it that night. What would it hurt to go, if it’s unbareable… leave. I think it wil be worth it though.


We have done EMHs where it is packed and then again when it wasn’t and we walked right on rides! Just give it a try, if its too crowded, just leave. I think the parks get very crowed mid morning on an EMH AM day because you get the “regular” crowds and then the EMH crowd. The PM EMHs will not have the “regular” crowds so it should be OK. I hope that makes sense!


I agree with you guys, it’s definitely worth a try. And like you both said, if it’s too crowded and unenjoyable, I’ll just leave.

It’s worth a try, because there is nothing as magical as MK at night. BTMRR at night. Jungle Cruise at Night. Astro Orbiters at night…Magical :mickey:


I had the same delima for our trip in May.
I decided to “go for it”.
Worse that can happen if the crowds are really bad is to just leave and head back to the resort.


I agree, it’s worth a try. If the park is really packed you can walk around and soak up the atmosphere or head back to your resort. You’re not out anything to give it a try.


I can’t really follow the logic of NOT trying it!! It’s EXTRA hours!! Even if the crowds are more intense, it’s more hours then you have if it WASNT an EMH night.

In my opinion, the more hours the better. Even, if in the worst case scenario, you only got one more ride in, and experienced the atmosphere in a crowded fashion, it’s more than you would of had if you left and didn’t enjoy EMH.



Nothing to loose.

While it will be the only park open, crowds shouldn’t be bad that time of year any way.

We did it in early Dec and really only packed area was Osborne Family lights section at MGM.

Just have to use the old “go where the crowd isn’t” touring plan. Hit the rides during parades, etc.

Be sure to drool at EE when you go by.


I only avoid the EMH park till it is time to get my wrist band. Once all the (others) clear out the park is not to over crowded.


Just a thought–The difference between August and January are the regular hours. MK in January can close as early as 7:00, making EMH only until 10:00. Verses closing at 10 and EMH until 1:00a.m.

In any case, Andrew, if I didn’t have 3 little one’s already tired and exhausted, I would do EMH regardless of the crowds. One thing to consider, if lines are long, use the EXTRA hours to do things other than ride attractions. Take pictures around MK. Tour the shops. Sample some food. Look for Hidden Mickey’s. Look in the hidden nooks and crannies we tend to rush past on our way to the thrills.


Great advice CJ. In fact I was talking to Danielle a little while about the same thing. Like I insinuated earlier in this thread, even if the crowd level is high, just being at MK at night, after dark, is well worth it. I couldn’t agree more about the charms that MK holds that we seem to fly by. And after dark those charms take on a whole new dimension.


I have been going back and forth with the same thing for our trip in September. To go or not to go. I think we will give it a try and like everyone has said if it is too crowded then we can always leave. I like the idea of saving the shopping and stuff for that time if it is crowded on the rides.


I think you should go. Get on a few attractions, grab an ice cream and just ease your way down main street. If it’s to crowded you can just leave. It’s free so it’s not wasted money.


OK! I see how it is! Cavey makes the exact same point that I do, AFTER me, and he gets the props!

You men, always stick together! Geez!




But Erin, it went without saying. You know I always agree with everything you say.

Erin Rules

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Dude, I thought the EMH and Park crowds pertained to the am hours. Anytime we use the pm hours they are great. As I follow the logic and advice, it seems the point of children and ages is not figured in. I know I would not be in the parks late with youngsters.

Do it.


I was always under the impression that the morning EMH are less crowded. The fact remains that there are always going to be a lot of people who prefer to sleep than get to the park for the early opening. My way of thinking is that I’ll get all the sleep I need when I’m dead, so get me to the park on time.

The PM EMH are usually pretty packed because people are at the park anyway, it doesn’t take much of an effort to hang around after the official closing.

But you’re right, I’ll have a five year old in tow, so his needs are going to have to be taken under consideratin.

I’m going to do it.


Thats my boy. The 5 year old will have to suck it up. This is WDW!
4 days! You gotta be getting excited.


I admit it. The excitement is just starting to kick in today. I’m getting there. I think what did it was the holiday yesterday. Not being at work and knowing that when I returned to work it’d be a short week untill Saturday morning when I leave. Beginning my packing yesterday didn’t hurt either.


The EMH’s at night have always worked out great for me - I’ve only hit big crowds once, and I still managed to do all the rides I wanted. The mornings are even better! :slight_smile:

Have a GREAT trip ingamba! :mickey: Can we look forward to a TR?