NY & NJ top the charts in "DVC households!"


If anyone received their “Summer 2008” issue of Disney Files magazine for DVC members there is a very cool map on page 24 entitled, “Where are your neighbors?”

I already had a feeling that NY & NJ may overwhelmingly claim the majority of DVC memberships and there it is in print!

NY State member households: 13,300
NJ state member households: 12,100

Florida (which kinda surprised me) comes in third with 11,800 member households.

Pennsylvania is also respectable with 8,500 member households.

This is in comparison to some other states like Texas which boasts 3,400 households, California with 5,100, North Carolina has 2,500, Wisconsin comes in low at 1,900. Some other figures were Louisiana with 1,400, Alabama has 800, Michigan should be proud with 4,500 households, Kentucky has 900.

So which states have the lowest number of member households? The bottom states are:

  • North Dakota (70 households)
  • Wyoming (70 households)
  • Alaska (80)
  • District of Columbia (50)

Montana & South Dakota come close to the lowest too, only boasting 90 households each.

WOOOHOOOOO, Jeeeersey!


Wow that is a huge difference from the highest numbers to the lowest!

I told DH if we ever move back to Alaska (please no :blush:) that we would HAVE to buy DVC. I would have to be guaranteed my Disney trips - it would be the only thing to keep me from going insane!

I can’t believe there are less than 100 households in Alaska that own DVC. Those poor people! :pinch: :laugh:


lol! That’s real interesting stuff!
Where is SC?


SC has 1,100.


Jersey :smile: :smile:




Where is Illinois on the list? DVC just opened Doorway to Dreams in Chicago so there has to be a pretty good market there to do that.


Illinois is interesting too, they have 7,400 DVC households which is much higher than all of it’s surrounding states; Iowa only has 500, Missouri has 1,100. Wisconsin has 1,900, and Indiana 2,200. So Illinois definately has the pull in that area.


Well, I don’t even exist - and yet they’re happy to take my money.:glare: :laugh:


I haven’t gotten my magazine yet, do they go out at different times?


I got mine yesterday - I’m sure you’ll be getting yours soon.


They do list international though right? They should have broken it up into Canada too b/c I bet a lot of those “international” numbers are probably Canada.


I think Canada is considered a suburb.:ph34r:


I happy to say I got it today. I haven’t had a lot of time to read it but I looked at the membership map, it’s interesting.


Hi Wish! Where did Ohio fall? I am considering buying DVC on our September trip so there could be one more added to the list this year. crossing fingers DH goes for it


Ohio has 4,000 members. Good luck getting your DH to go for it.


I just realized…I am not surprised about the number of NY and NJers on the list…because Wish has schooled me on how much Nyers and NJians LOVE to vacation!
It’s like religion!


That is sooooo true.
Bella, you are wise beyond your years.


I’m a New Jersey DVC owner!


I schooled you well! :laugh: If anything I learned growing up in NJ it was how to vacation hard. If people in NJ have some time off they are either RVing, camping, traveling, skiing, going to the shore, spending time at their timeshares or vacation homes, or just traveling period. I know at LEAST 3 teachers at work who own several different timeshares; like Hilton & Disney.

It’s insanity, but I :heart: it! We’re movers & shakers. :laugh: