NY Renaissance Faire TR (with plenty of pics)


Daniel and I woke up fairly early this morning knowing that we wanted to arrive in Sterling Forest, NY when the Renaissance Faire opened at 10am. The weather was unfortunate but we decided to trudge forward, equipped with jeans, shoes worthy of getting mud-ladden, and umbrella in hand. It took us just under two hours to get to Tuxedo, NY and thankfully the weather in the forest was a lot different than the Jersey shore, it was actually dry the whole time and nice and cool. :happy: The ride was really enjoyable because we already saw some colors throughout the hills and in the trees (I :heart: fall).

The unique thing about this particular Faire is it is located in a HUGE “village” where all the fixtures are permanent. This was so awesome b/c it felt really authentic and didn’t have that “put up/tear down” typa’ fair atmosphere. We saw LOTS of “characters” :mellow: :laugh: and some pretty cool shows. The highlight of my day was watching “the Mud Brothers” do all sorts of interesting tricks in a pit of mud. People warned me that the prices were going to be outrageous but I didn’t think they were so bad; admission tickets $16.95, my flower headband $15., two lunch platters $16. total, and even the artisans seemed fairly priced. I got this big awesome copper bat to hang in our tree for Halloween and it was only $10. :smile:

Anyway, we saw people juggling chainsaws and fire batons, a bunch of fairies running around, a REALLY cool May Poll dance, and LOTS and LOTS of people walking around in interesting outfits and talking funny. :wacko: One funny example; while I was in line for lunch a lady behind me COMPLETELY decked out in Renaissance gear said to someone on her Motorola Razor phone; “hey, where art thou?” :laugh: Well, ok, I thought it was ironic and funny.

It was a really nice day. I thought it was definately worth the drive and all. I think we may check it out again another year. :smile:

Enjoy the pictures!


Robin Hood was at the entrance to greet us.


Well, it wasn’t Tinkbell, but still a pretty fairie thingy. :heart:


Dan tried his hand at archery; he rocked, I stunk. :laugh: :pinch: :glare:


The May Poll dance was VERY cool!!


He was singing some cool pirate song. :pirate:


Not sure how he was drinking beer at 11am, but hey, we were in the forest… do as the forestinians do!?! :laugh: :wacko:


Waiting for the glassblowing, I wanted to get a good seat. The 3000 degree glass furnance (:fork_off: ) was keeping me warm. hehe.

(PS: that green sticker on my shirt indicated that “I pet a dragon,” which was actually a 3 inch gecko… I know, I am SO brave)


OK, of ALL the cheesy puns we saw the whole time I DID actually think this one was funny! :laugh:

(why OF COURSE they do… naturally)


My favorite demonstration of the day! :biggrin:


These girls were passing out their business cards, they actually make these beautiful fairie wings by HAND… including HAND PAINTING the silk wings. I thought that was awfully talented, and they were only like 18-20. I was impressed.

(PS: if you look carefully perhaps you can spot the Hidden Mickey that I spotted?!)


Some weird human chess show thingy. :huh:


ANXIOUSLY awaiting the “Mud Brothers” show. Lets just say it involved a HUGE pit of mud, 3 brothers, and a bunch of mudflinging. By the time we arrived at the show the only seats available were in the 5th row and below (guess who was sitting in the 5th row) & guess who got splashes of mud on her jacket and on her purse… yeah, me. :mellow: :pirate: :rolleyes:

Here’s me… “Bring on the MUD!”


And here are those crazy dudes!


Yeah, the “tricks”


Why the bathing cap, really?!?! hehe. :laugh:


This lady was just chillin’ & playin’ the harp.


Ahhhh, when I saw this spot all I could think of was… “MAN, and when I lived in Florida I used to have to go to the JCPenny photo studio to get this backdrop!” Did I mention how much I :heart: fall?


Is it okay that I am just cracking up reading this?:laugh: I wish I could have seen the mud brothers in person. :laugh: Those fairy wings are beautiful! Any little girl would love to have those! :heart: You look so pretty with your little flower headpiece. :heart:


This JUST might be our Christmas card photo!!! (I need someone to help me photoshop in our doggies :laugh:) Do you think people will wonder why I am wearing a flower band on my head? :sleep: