NYC EE Publicity event


Look at the mildly goofy spectacle Disney put on to promote its ride in NYC. Interesting concept but wierd to me. There is additional interview and ride footage at the end. It appears Disney is pulling out all the stops for this one.

I thought my DC friends might enjoy it.


Wow, I wish I would have known about that before hand I would have went to see the spectacle. Those acrobats actually remind me exactly of the acrobats from DeLaGuarda. Pretty cool I guess?!?!

haha, not sure what to say about that one. Thank you sharing Laneysdad!!!


it seems like so much just to promote a ride. amazing, huh, what disney would do to draw people to WDW. i wish i knew about this earlier. that would’ve been cool to see.


It truely seems over the top and mildly desperate to put something like this on. Considering Disney’s size name alone should qualify the ride as something to behold. It seems cheesy and cheapening the fact that this truly is a cool ride regardless of 6 ballet dancers on a rope hanging from the W Hotel in Times Square.


Things like that happen in Times Square more often than not. I don’t necassarily think of it as “cheesy and cheapening,” especially considering the hoopla and surroundings of the place where it occured. I just saw it as a “living billboard.” I can DEFINATELY think of some worse things Disney has done.


I thought this was really cool. My DS liked when the Yeti roared and the “smoke” came out of his head!


Just to add to the thread, the World of Disney NYC is jumping on the EE bandwagon, too. I stopped in on Friday and was greeted by a huge display of EE merchandise and posters advertising “Mountainclimber” Mickey and Goofy meet and greets upstairs! I was too late to see Mickey and Goofy, but the photo of them looked really cute.

BTW, the EE merchandise selection at WOD NYC isn’t as extensive as that at the EE Gift Shop (obviously), but it’s pretty good. I couldn’t pass up buying a posable plush Yeti to add to the collection at home! :slight_smile: