NYC to MCO cheapest flights?


Just wondering how cheap flights to/from New York from Orlando cost…
I’m hoping to make a New York trip while at WDW and I was wondering how affordable the flights are?


I think about $79 on way is average. You may get it cheaper or it may be a bit more,but I think that is the going average price.


You can usually get a good price on Southwest if you watch for a DING. In October I got our flights for $38.00! You can fly into Islip and then take the train into NYC. Its very easy, the train station is very close. The train lets you off in Penn station. Its probably easier than JFK or LGA because ISP is a small airport and very easy to get around. I’ve been watching the DINGS so if you let me know when you want to go, I’ll gladly let you know if a great fare comes up.


Watch Jet Blue as well, they have all leather seated planes and tv’s at every seat. There just as cheap as southwest most of the time. I love jet blue, sadly they don’t fly where I need to go anymore.


wow awesome guys! Thanks!
Glad to know flights are so cheap


Pretty much well depends on when you are going. You can luck out and find a super cheap time to go with cheap tickets. Or you can book expensive tickets for a really expensive time of the year ($345 for day after Thanksgiving to NYC) like we are having to do!


I would check Airtran and other airlines once a day. Many airlines will post really cheap specials for a few hours then take them down. I’ve gotten sooooooo many incredible deals by checking once a day.


Since I probably won’t go to WDW this year, I’ll let you in on a little secret.
Why MCO?


We usually fly jetBlue because it’s easier for us to drive to JFK (the other no-frills airlines fly to other airports–mostly Long Island). We usually get tickets for between $69-$99 each way depending on the dates, etc. Let me know when you’re coming up, Tessa! We’ll go shopping!