Ocober discounts?


Ok. I have seen on mousesavers.com that they have had different discounts offered for a package deal for october. My question is if they do have a discount for October for a package will it or has it included the meal plan as part of the package. I have until may 1st to decide if we are going to disney then in the fall. Trying to figure what type of discount I could expect possibly to get. I already have a pin for 20percent off my room only for 7 of the 8 days we want to be there. AS Movies is the planned resort. thank you!


We went 2 years ago and it was a room rate discount. I think it saved us $700?..don’t really remember. It was good! I’ve never seen free dining offered later than the 3rd week or so of Sept. There’s really no way to tell what they’ll offer until it comes out.


I am so new to all this mouse buzz…I see alot of you talking about pin codes for discounts…how do you get a pin code? We plan on going in Late sept early oct. Been to DW 4 times, but not since 2000.:blush:


^The only codes I’ve ever gotten were via email because I’m a Disney Visa Cardholder. And, when I called with the code, they never asked for it. I even offered the code and she didn’t need it. I just had to pay the deposit with my Disney Visa. Same goes for the free dining I just booked. I had a code but they didn’t ask for it and I got a reservation confirmation via email so I know I got the discount. The best way to get a code though is to register on every Disney site. So, get a Disney Visa (we only use this as a way to get the discounts earlier than the public and put our $200 deposit on it), register on Disney’s official site, order a Vacation Planning DVD, call Disney directly and get vacation prices (they put your name and info in the computer). I also have an acct at the Disney Store online and on Disney Movie Rewards. I get a Disney-related email pretty much everyday!


Thanks for the advice…


Last year they extended the Free Dining Plan clear thru the end of November, excpet Turkey Week! We moved our trip around to get the free grub. I am keeping my fingers crossed for another great free dining this year! Keep your eyes open! Disney has a way of extending everything!!


Wasn’t it Disney Visa that offered the free dining last year after September. I don’t think it even became available until mid Sept. It wasn’t offered in 2007.
You can check historical discounts at:
MouseSavers.com - Historical Information on Walt Disney World Resort Discounts


You are right it was not offered in 07 but I am wondering as to what type of discount and when it would be posted for this Oct… Because what ever the discount is may be as to wether or not We get to go to wdw or not this year with how things are going with the economy… specific the Auto industry… I have already had seven weeks off since Jan. 1 this year and I know that I will have one or two weeks in May, one week in June and at least one if not according to rumor the whole month of July off… and I have not used any vacation yet…But I can live with a week off here and there as long as it is not permanent…