Oct 2008 Pre Trip Report


I know that I have posted a PTR before but with things changing figured I would go ahead and write another one. In case anyone missed it before.:glare:

Cast of Characters:
Me (Kim) 36 - should be a member of Disney Overplanners Annonymous. Have over 20 trips to the World under my belt…and I never get tired…just crazy I tell ya…:laugh:

DF (Judy) My roommate…if you can call her that…she stays in the other trailer on the property…this will be her 2nd trip to Disney…but her 1st MNSSHP, Sea World and Arabian Nights.:ph34r:

DD (Jessica) my 17 year old minime (not so mini as she is taller than me) Will be her 2nd trip to the World, she has also been to Disneyland 4 times. Will be her 2nd MNSSHP…last one will be almost 10 years to the day. Wasn’t planning on her going, but decided to ask her dad if she could go, he said yes, and I told her on her birthday back in Aug that she is going to DISNEYWORLD! So this is a belated birthday gift for her. But YEA!! for her being 17 still, she got the childs rate when it came to the room and MYW tickets.:blush:

Started planning this trip on the return from the Jan 08 trip, wanted to go back cause 5 days was just too hectic, no real down time. Reservation started out at the Contemporary, but then got to thinking, wouldn’t it be nice if we could have more room (even though staying in the A frame (tower) has always been a dream of mine. But this gives me a reason for another trip, as if I need another reason

So it was settled, Ft Wilderness Cabins, never stayed there before, so why not. It does have a boat to the MK ( love riding the monorail, so easy access once across the water)

Then got to thinking about the 10:45 am flight, since I am almost 1 1/2 hours away from DFW thought should get a hotel the night before we leave, somewhere near the airport. So my vacation actually started Oct 22, we don’t arrive at Disney till the 23rd.

Oct 23rd - Arrival day! - Leave DFW at 10:45am…arrive MCO at 2:15pm Head on down to the ME…hopefully not a long delay with leaving…cause I need to pick up the golf cart by 5pm. Nothing planned just relax and prefer for a very late dinner and show at the Hoop De Do Revue at 9:15pm

Oct 24th - 1st full day - EPCOT - sleep in and then head to the park - it is EM Evening Hours - We have ADRs at Biergarten at 6:25 then hopefully will find a good spot for Illuminations.

Oct 25th - get up semi early and head to Sea World - then Arabian Nights dinner show that evening.

Oct 26th - Hollywood Studios - also EM Evening Hours - ADRs are at Hollywood and Vine at 6:10. Have decided on catching the late 9pm show of Fantasmic. Hopefully it won’t be so busy at that time.

Oct 27th - Nothing planned for this day - maybe DTD - I would like to head over to the MK in the evening - to catch Spectromagic and Wishes - also EM Evening at the MK

Oct 28th - No plans during the day - maybe head over to the MK about 1pm or so - ADRs are at 6:45pm at LTT - the MNSSHP - looking forward to the Boo to you Parade (headless horseman is my hero!! )

Oct 29th - Nothing planned - maybe a little AK just to ride EE - ADRs are Spirit of Aloha at 5:45pm.

Oct 30th - Go back home :crying: - flight leaves at 5:40pm


Everything sounds really well planned out!


Plans look great.


your plans look awesome.

So this is a belated birthday gift for her. But YEA!! for her being 17 still, she got the childs rate when it came to the room and MYW tickets.

Be aware that the ticket for MYW will say child and it may be hard trying to convince a WDW CM that your 17yr old is under 10 if they notice.

Please keep your trip report in this thread and just keep going from here rather than start a new thread. Can’t wait to hear all about your stay!


Sounds great but how in the world are you going to pass your 17 year old daughter for being 9? hmmmmmmmmmmmmmm:confused:


I was wondering the same thing! :laugh::laugh:


I cant wait to find out how.


Maybe she just talking about the room…you don’t pay for an extra adult for people under 18…


doesn’t the rate go from 10-18? Then change at 18? I know that there is a younger child’s rate too… Maybe that is what she is talking about…


I think it’s 10-17 to be consider a “junior” and not pay extra for resort…18 and over is considered another adult in the room and you have to pay more for the extra adult. 3-9yrs is child and a child’s rate for tickets, DDP and of course no charge for the room.


Extra for the resort? Can’t you have 4 adults/room or is it two adults? Yes, this must be it . . . cuz my soon to be 9 year old looks 15 so I can’t imagine passing a 17 off as 9! :laugh::laugh:


You can only have two adults per room…


I once stayed at AS Movies and had 3 adults and 1 child. We were charged $10-$15 per day for the extra adult.


[QUOTE=tinkerbelle24;893734]I once stayed at AS Movies and had 3 adults and 1 child. We were charged $10-$15 per day for the extra adult.

I can see a discount for room but tickets?? Thats where Im confused:confused:[/QUOTE]

Why don’t we just give her a chance to explain what she meant instead of people making the same comment over and over again? Her trip report was suppose to carry on in this thread and will not be able to without me deleting all these comments.