Oct 7th Release


Disney is releasing…Sleeping Beauty.
It is digitally remastered and has never
before seen footage. YAY!


thanks for the info!


Your very welcome.


Last time I was on the WDW site and calling Disney it was ALL about sleeping beauty, and I said to the CM what’s up with Sleeping Beauty she having a birthday or something . . . and this is what she said “You know what I have NO IDEA!!” :eek:

Then when I visited the Disney store they were giving 10% off and a cell set if you pre-ordered . . . I have this on VHS . . . I should ask the girls if they want it on DVD . . . since they both went through an “Aurora is my favorite princess” stage! :laugh:


thanks for the info… I don’t think I have this one yet on DVD… I am trying to collect them all cause I love all Disney movies. :slight_smile: