Oct. 8th thru the 15th


So…whose going be there?


I am I am I will be there the 12-16


I wish I was going to be :crying:


I wish I was going to be there to bella…would love to run into you and dave, but I am not leaving until the 25th…pooh!


I will be there dec 13 th :biggrin:

Hope you have a great time! :happy:


Hey, we will be checking into POFQ on the 14th, but it will be lateish when we arrive so we’re skipping the parks. You and I originally had close to the same dates at POFQ, but I changed my dates and you upgraded your hotel! Maybe if I can talk my DH into another trip we might meet eventually :happy:


I will (well, through the 10th.) but I’m staying off-property. :sad: Have a great time!


I will be! The 10th is my birthday, so I will be there celebrating! I get back from Utah on the 9th, so I will be in the parks a lot to make up for the PDD I will experience being in Utah. :mickey:

I might have to make it a point to run into you in the parks.


I will be next year. :slight_smile:


Why, YOU are of course! :tongue: And you’ll be a glowing newlywed to boot! :happy:


I am here on the program, and I would love to meet you Bella. Gingita I still want to meet up with you.


I will be there October 6-14


9th to the 19th (of december - not october)

are you going to get dressed up for MNSSHP?