Oct or Dec...what would you do?


We cannot decide which to do…what would you do??

We are annual passholders so we want to take an extra trip this year. We have reservations arriving on Thursdaynight, Dec 2 and leaving Tues morning, Dec 7. (We drive and it takes about 21 hours to get to WDW.) Reservations are at All Star Sports. We would go to the MVMCP on Sunday Dec 5. We have never been to WDW during that time of year! IT would be our first Christmas visit! My DD would miss 4 days of school. She is in 2nd grade. We would have 4 full days at WDW.

The other day, we were thinking of changing the trip to Oct. We would arrived Saturday night, Oct. 16 and leave Saturday morning, Oct 23. It is fall break and our DD would miss 3 days. We would have 6 full days at WDW. We would be less rushed, DD would miss less days of school, we would have a longer vacation all around. But we would not see the MVMCP!!

Which would you do and why???

We also think we can upgrade to a moderate or delux if we go in Oct because we can get the AP rates. So we have to decide quickly. We already called and got the AP rates for the Dec trip.


As much as I love being in WDW at Christmas time, I think I would have to choose the October visit just because I could stay longer. And…if you haven’t done MNSSHP, you could do it for a special treat.


I would definitely pick Oct. Still warm enough for swimming and a longer vacation so you won’t be rushing around like a commando.


What is MNSSHP? Gee, I always thought I knew so much about Disney however, being on Disney Central is always teaching me new things!


Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party :slight_smile:


[QUOTE=MagicalMoments]What is MNSSHP? QUOTE]
That is the halloween party at disney, like the MVMCP, but for halloween

I had also been thinking of going in Oct. and not the beginning of Dec. But DH really likes the Christmas decorations. When I mentioned going back to WDW, he said if we went back he would like to go at Christmas time again. And seeing as I wasn’t supposed to go back this year at all. I jumped on it. Dec. really is my favorite time to go, but I have never gone in Oct. If you were able to get a couple more days to stay at WDW I would go with Dec. If not go with Oct. 21 hours is a long drive, the extra 2 days to rest will help.


I agree with Karliebug :smile: October is a great month, not too hot and hardly any wait in lines. :smile:

Now we have to go when school is out, what a treat. The wait is much longer. :sad: Not bad, just longer.

MJD :eek:


That’s what I want to see someday!!! WDW at christmas :wub: ! For the month of December are the all the parks set up for christmas!!! :tongue:


Yes all of the parks are decorated and the resorts. MGM has the Osborne lights, which are back this year and they are great.


What are Osborne lights :huh: :excl:

MJD :eek:


If you go to debs website, http://allearsnet.com/tp/h_osbr2.htm they have great photos of the osborne lights. It is a huge display of Christmas lights, you get 3-d glasses and the light reflection looks like snowflakes(the ones we got anyway) They have light sculptures also it is just amazing.


I have to disagree. I would go in Dec. just to see the Christmas decor! I was there the first week of Dec. last year. Crowds are low, and the parks are beautiful! MVMCP is sooo much fun. It snows on Main St! I have been several times at the first of Oct, which is what I am doing this year, but this is the first year I will see MNSSHP, since they added more dates. Next year, I will be back at the first of Dec, to do Christmas again. It seems that only MK does anything for Halloween, but at Christmas it is all the parks and resorts.


A warning about October. We were there in October a couple of years ago and it was 90 degrees every day. I admit I am a weather weenie from “rainy” Seattle, but it was really uncomfortable. December weather was much better.

But if you can handle the possible heat, I would choose the longer trip. The Christmas party is awesome, but I would not trade it for a chance at extra days.


Another perk for going in October…the Food and Wine Festival is going on in Epcot. So many new things to try.


For me it’s a no brainer - 6 days in Oct. vs. 4 in Dec. For no other reason, I’d take October! A vacation at WDW is always too short!


I would say do both!!! Maybe if you cut a few days of the Oct trip you could go in Dec also. After all there are discount rates for both times.


I would go in December for 2 reasons. The Christmas party is great!! Also,you will be there to see the Candlelight Processional at Epcot,the telling of the Christmas story,with Jim Caviezel as the celebrity narrator(He was Jesus in The Passion of the Christ).


We will be at WDW from Dec 7-17, I’m not sure which narrator we will see yet.


We are going in Oct. and this is the second year. We prefer it. My DD loves it and MNSSHP. She loves to get dressed up in her Halloween costume and collect all of her candy at the Kingdom. She says that it beats Halloween night by a country mile.

Don’t get me wrong we intend to go one year to see MVMCP, but we love to go during MNSSHP and Oct. because it not as hot. Last year was unseasonably warm and it is not predicted to be the same this year. We have gone for years in Oct. and it was cool in Oct. especially at night, but warm enough to swim during the day. That was the great part. Besides if you get extra days by going in in OCt. and you get to see MNSSHP and the EPCOT food and Wine festival like we are, I say go for it. I don’t think you’ll regret it. After all, a trip to Disney is worth it no matter when it is.


We would defintely pick October, the weather is still nice enough for swimming(don’t let anyone tell you it doesn’t get cold in Florida) and the crowds are minimal which will make a 6 day vacation at that time seem like 2 weeks during a busier time.