Oct vs Jan prices?


I’m planning my WDW trip for next Jan. but am finding that the packages through Southwest airlines are only scheduling until Oct. I priced it with those dates but am wondering how similiar the prices for Jan will be.?
If anything I’m guessing possibly alittle cheaper. From what I hear Jan is off season and have very light crowds. I’m especially looking forward to it because our last and our only trip to WDW was June '05. Weather was very hot and it was busy.
Any info would be great!Thanks!

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We’ve gone the past two trips in Jan. and loved it! We never waited for anything. I see you are from VT - we are in Chicago - so the weather will seem wonderful for you! We had a few days where we had a light jacket or sweatshirt on, but nothing like a Chicago winter!

I recommend Jan. You won’t be dissappointed!


Depends on the check-in date for october. Value season ends on the 4th of October, so you would have to check in then to get the same price as January. January is definately cheaper…I have gone twice then and have to say it’s the best time to tour (corwd wise), but the weather is a bit nicer in October. Both are great time to go.


Thanks for the info. I am alittle worried about the weather, I know it’s possible we could hit a cold spell in January but hopefully out of seven days we’ll get some really nice ones.

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I also recommend January, it’s when we have gone both times, the crowds are relatively light and it is offpeak! When we went we had gorgeous weather pretty much the whole time!


We always find out what the last day of value season is in the fall and book to arrive that day or the day before–that way we get value pricing (and in this case, free dining plan too) for the entirety of our stay… Neat deal. :slight_smile:



We were there this February, when Orlando had a record-breaking cold spell. Being from Illinois, this “record-breaking” cold amounted to a jacket & sweatshirt in the morning. Just a sweatshirt in the afternoon. Jacket on again in the evening. (I’ll take it over huge crowds and long lines any day.)

The only draw back was we didn’t swim during the trip.