October ADRs for your perusal!


Just added the dining plan to our October DVC rental and made our ADRs today–whatcha think? Planning was done for 10 days in little more than an hour, so go easy on me…

Le Cellier (twice)
Cinderella’s Royal Table dinner
Cape May Cafe (character breakfast)
San Angel Inn
Mama Melrose’s (Fantasmic package)
Liberty Tree Tavern (for our MNSSHP night)

We’re also planning on trying Wolfgang Puck Cafe and eating at Beaches and Cream (we’re staying at the Beach Club Villas).


Bali - your ADR’s are great!!! I can say I have actually eaten at ALL of those places, except 'Ohana but we are eating there in T-minus 4 weeks (give or take). I had no idea they even did the Fantasmic Package at Mama Melrose! :happy: You are going to have a WONDERFUL time!!! :wub:


Bali, you have excellent taste! Wish I could tag along!!!





Great ADR’s. I get to make mine pretty soon…I can’t wait. I really have to get my planning book out and get to work.


You plans look great! You picked a lot of our favorite places.


Looks great! I love Le Cellier and could eat there twice in one trip too, DH on the other would put Liberty Tree Tavern as his favorite. LTT is great on MNSSHP with the characters in costume. I can’t wait for the trip report!


We went last year for the party and just loved LTT!! And Le Cellier is our absolute favorite. As much as I love 'Ohana, the food at Le Cellier is amazing.


Thanks for the positive feedback, guys! I feel like we eat at the same places all the time, but I guess if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it! CRT and Wolfgang Puck Cafe will be new for us, though, so that’ll be good.


Hey, I’m down with LeCellier twice! Awesome! Great restaurant and the best deal on the Dining plan!


If you don’t have small children–have you ever done Cal. Grill? It’s two dining points but awesome experience, especially during the MK fireworks.


We looked at the menu and thought it was time to forego the fois gras for the atmosphere of the castle. We’ve never eaten there and have always wanted to try it, so we decided to give it a shot. I also feel that Cal. Grill is more of a “special occasion” or “romantic” restaurant. Since we’re just best friends travelling together, we might just save it for when we return someday with husbands! :wub:


Good choice. I think you’ll have an excellent time!


I think so, too!! Thanks Gingles!!