October AP/Discounts?


Does anyone know when they will post October AP or other Discounts? Would they have posted them by now? We are going down on October 27th and I would really like to upgrade to a moderate hotel.


No clue. I am expecting then in the next week or so. September AP rates were released very late, so I have no clue if that trend will continute, or if we will see them prior to the general public rates or other discounts. Just watch the front page, they will be posted there as soon as we see them.


They weren’t posted until August 28th last year. Hang in there – there’re a bunch of us waiting with you!


Judging from the interest in October, it looks like there will be a bunch of us there. I know I will be there the first and second weekend. I can’t wait. I need a serious dose of disney.


Good luck to you guys. I hope those discounts come soon. :heart:


I’ve already booked my rooms in the meantime. Going the first week of October - not going to be at Disney the whole time, as I will be visiting my family, but I just had to stay at the resorts while I’m still an AP holder.
I fortunately received the email and postcards that brought the rates down - I don’ think the AP rates will be much better, but I’m still anxious to find out what they’ll be so that I can book the final night of the stay. That I haven’t done yet, because I’m really hoping that one of the monorail resorts will be available for a lot less than I’m being quoted now. :happy:


where did you get the email and postcards that brought the rates down? Was there a reusable code for those discounts? I am willing to take any discount i can get :slight_smile:


The postcard simply turned up in the mail. Both it and the email seemed tied to my name and address - they had it on record when I called, so I don’t believe they are transferable. I think the email is a special offer sent out in general - if you have ever signed up at Disney. Com or otherwise provided them with your email. Both this year and last year they arrived at the right time.


Just got an e-card that passholder rates are out for Oct - Dec.

They are also posted on mousesavers.

Race ya to the phone!!!


The AP rates where out before 7 a.m. CT. Good luck!! Got mine about 8 a.m. CT for Oct. (unplanned trip) and Nov.!!! Joe


True, I was checking all day for them, then went for the phone as soon as I got the email myself. Not too different from the postcard rate I’d already had, but I was able to book the final day of our trip at least.
Phone was busy all afternoon- I’ve no idea how I got through, but I did at around 5:45 PM!
When I got home, closer to 8, the phones were clogged.


Your phone call was greatly appreciated!!! Even if I waited 50 minutes to talk to a CM. The savings were worth the wait!!! Your Wife :flowers: