October discounts


Does anyone have any idea approximately when October discounts might be announced? Are they usually mid-month? Thanks! I’m trying to upgrade our hotel rooms for our trip in October! Are there usually good discounts even with the Wine and Food festival? Thanks for your help!!! :mickey: :mickey: :mickey:


I spoke to disney reservations yesterday. As of now, the reservationist said she didnt have any info on the Oct specials yet. We are also waiting to see if any good discounts come out for Oct.


Well ,September Discounts came out right around the 20 of this month!!! So I would be looking around the 15th to the 20th of next month if there are going to be any!!!


We are looking too. We’re hoping we can get a good deal at the Poly or Contemporary.


I spoke with a disney rep again…they said the discounts should be announced about the 5th of August. I am going to check back with them later this week. We also are anxious to see what is going to be available.


Thanks CaraMia!!! We are anxious too! We are going with the grandparents, so we have two rooms… Any price break would help!!!


…still waiting… :rolleyes:


Check out Mousersavers. They were posted today.


AP Discount to Port Orleans French Quarter goin in October!!! Yay!!!


Does anyone know if the new discounts for December are for the room only or for a package or both? Thanks. We’re trying to see whether we can save money by just booking the room and getting the tickets seperately. We also want to go to Disney Quest, so the UPH would help a litte. Anyway, any feedback would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!


I have always found that it is less expensive to piece together my own package.
This year by getting my own air, ground transportation, hotel and passes, I am saving well over $1000. This is especially true if you are arriving late on your first day or leaving early on your last day. I don’t mind investing some of my own time to save that much money!


Thanks, chiasgirl. That’s great advice!