October Grande Gathering!


88 days and counting til our Grande gathering. All told there are 15 members of my family going and we cant wait. We will all be staying at Pop century and even booked the same flight on Southwest Airlines! This is our first time going with such a large group and we are really looking forward to it! In addition to this, we will be attending Mickey’s not so scary halloween party for the first time as well as the Epcot food and wine festival! I love Disney and all things Disney and I think Im looking forward to it more then my kids(DD 13 and DS 15 now) are. We will also have little ones with us(nieces and nephews), so that will be magical as well.


I am sooooo excited for you. I know from expirence that 15 people will be a blast or thud. I have had it both ways. I know how excited you are feeling. Pop is awesome. The planning itself is incredible. What are your plans??


Sounds like you have a wonderful trip on the horizon. All that family, MNSSHP & the festival? Enjoy.


15 people? Wow, compared to the Brazilian invasion, you’re talking about an intimate romantic vacation for two.

Sorry for the sarcasm, enjoy your Grand Gathering and your time with all your family.
DW and I should be in WDW at the same time that you will. Crowds shouldn’t be too bad and the temperatures should be back down from summer Africa heat.