October Hours


Ok, so IU have been awaiting anxiously (not patiently, I admit) for these hours to be posted but now that we are here… I cannot seem to get the site to show me the Epcot hours for World Showcase. Is anyone else having this trouble as well?

If you are able to view World showcase hours for October (specifically the
17th - 24th) can you post them here? I would greatly appreciate it!


I’ve selected dates in several different times and months and all that is shown is Future World. I think World Showcase is open from 11 am to 9 pm daily.


Epcot hours are perhaps the easiest hours to anticipate in all of WDW.
Future World opens at 9 daily and the less popular attractions close at 7, the more popular ones stay open until park close at 9 (TT, MS, Soarin’, and usually Spaceship Earth). World Showcase opens at 11 and closes at 9 (except for EMH night, usually Friday). The morning EMH in October has been Tuesday for a few years now, and that would be an 8 AM opening.
There is one little wrinkle added recently. On some EMH nights, Epcot closes officially at 8 PM and Illuminations is performed at 8 (which is really rough during the summer when the sky still isn’t dark until 9). That is the only thing to watch out for. However, considering that October is Food and Wine month, and there are 3 daily concerts with the third running from 8ish until about 8:45, I would not be surprised if even on EMH nights, Epcot remains open until 9.

Long story short, plan for Epcot to be open from 9 AM to 9 PM every day and you won’t have any problems. The only other times that Epcot hours are different are on July 4th (today), when they are open until 10, obviously New Year’s Eve, and the period between Thanksgiving and Dec 30 when Epcot is open until 9:30 while the park celebrates “Christmas Around The World”.