October peeps, talk to me. Either WDW or DL


In all my Disney years can you believe I’ve NEVER been to WDW or DL in the month of October… EVER!

I know a lot of people are big October fans and I want to hear the pluses & minuses of going during this month. Do you avoid Columbus Day weekend? How’s the weather/crowds at BOTH DL & WDW during this time?

Here’s the scoop, I just CANNOT live life happily without SOME sort of Disney plan in my head, I’m miserible, new house on the horizon or not I just don’t care.

I have a free plane ticket on Continental tucked away, Daniel will have an annual pass valid until November (mine expires this August :sad:), and we’d be staying for “free” on our DVC points. So honestly all we’ll be paying for is Daniel’s flight & food.

I REALLY REALLY would :heart: to go to Disneyland so I could see Haunted Mansion Holiday at least ONCE in my life but that might be a little tougher 'cause we’d have to pay more out of pocket. If we did DL it would only be 4 days in the parks, if we go to WDW we’d do our full 7 nights.



Shhhhh…can’t you hear it? That beckoning…come to Disneyland, Jessica. Come to Disneyland.

You know you want to. :ph34r: :wink:

Drinky poos at Jazz Kitchen!


Well, you know that I have a soft spot in my heart for DLR:happy: So that and the fact that you’d get to see the NBCHM…makes me greatly lean towards DLR. :biggrin:
I’ve never seen the crowds affected that much by Columbus Day at DLR. Not sure about WDW. The only thing about going to WDW is that you’ll have seven days rather than five…but…you don’t necessarily NEED seven days at DLR:closedeye

Hmm…I’m no help at all…


i say go to wdw for 7 days, and go to DL next year, when more of the changes have been made (it’s supposed to be 2009, right?)!

october was nice - not too hot (still warm though, ok, so 1st week of october got pretty hot at times, but not summer hot by any means), MNSSHP, F & W festival, love bugs are pretty much gone by then i believe.


While I’ve never been to DLR (well, not yet anyway :slight_smile: I say go for WDW. You’re going to be able to sepnd extra time on vacation and it’s less out of pocket.


I know, I know… I would LOVE LOVE LOVE to go to DL in October. Daniel much prefers WDW but if it was October he’d be totally psyched about the NBCHM. This is how it would look, either way. The pros & cons:

October 11th-15th
Resort: Any DL resort on DVC points
Flight: FREE for me :biggrin:, about $350. for Daniel
Tickets: $380 (Two adult 4-day park hoppers)
Food/Spending $: approx. $500.

Total OoP: approx. $1200. (could probably reduce a little by eating CHEAP :tongue:)

October 11th-18th
Resort: Any DVC resort with our points.
Flight: Free for me :biggrin:, about $250. for Daniel
Tickets: $280. (7 day park hopper for me), Daniel has valid annual pass
Food/Spending $: approx. $850.

Total OoP: approx. $1,400.

Hmm, what do ya’ll think?


The best things about going to WDW in October are

  1. Food and Wine Festival!
  2. MNSSHP!

WDW and F&W festival and MNSSHP, need I say more??? :happy:

I have only been the end of october for Halloween and the weather can be really nice, with maybe 1 day of rain. That has been my prev. experience. Or you might get some bad weather from a local hurricane but not likely. One year we got alot of FLL or MIA residents that were evacuated from a hurricane but that is worst case scenario, the weather in orlando was perfect!!! :happy:

I LOVE IT!!! :heart: so much that we are going back for Halloween!!! :cool: :happy:


You get MORE time for a mere $200 difference???



Well, since I don’t think we’ll be there yet (not sure at this time but ETA may not be until Friday the 17th) so I wouldn’t get to meet you anyway :pinch:, I’d find it VERY hard to resist being at WDW for F&W if I had the chance. I so want to do F&W for a b-day trip one year…and there is something to be said for having those extra days to go out and play.


Our honeymoon was in October and we had a great time. We went around Columbus Day so it was a little busy but not really that bad…also a lot of year round schools have there first intercession around then. However, food and wine and MNSSHP made up for any crowds, it was awesome and everyone should experience food and wine just once



If we change our dates slightly Daniel has enough OnePass miles to get a free flight to Orlando too!! :biggrin:

So, guess what… I just booked TWO FLIGHTS TO ORLANDO from October 8th-15th… FREEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE (well, besides the $20 blah blah fee) !! :biggrin: I know those are awkward days but HECK for two free flights a Wed.-Wed. won’t bother me none! :tongue:

So, guess what… I guess were going to WDW from October 8th-15th!!! :biggrin:

And one more… guess what…
ALL WE HAVE TO PAY FOR IS MY 7-day pass & food!! WOOOHOOOO! That’s exciting!


Lol! That is exciting!! Nothing can stop a girl on a mission…and fyi those are the EXACT dates we went for our honeymoon!


That’s funny!!! I think you should go as a honeymoon anniversary on those dates again in '08. That’s PLENTY of time to get all saved up!

I seriously wouldn’t be able to do this though without the free flights, Dan’s annual still being valid, and DVC points. It’s really saved us.


It sounds like it was meant to be! I mean honestly…you can’t pass that up! You have to go to the Halloween party though! If you splurge at all splurge on that!! It was SOO much fun and nice and empty! We rode Splash six times without getting off!


I’ve never been to the Halloween party, I wonder when they announce the dates for 2008 or start selling tickets? I think sometimes they offer discount tickets to DVC members.


Yay, I just saw your post in the “Who’s going to WDW” thread and I’m so excited for you Wishy!! :biggrin:

Although I should throw in my two cents…maybe you can plan Disneyland in October of '09, because it is a GREAT time to go! We went in October of '06 and it was such a great trip…just a few days, and even though I was heavily pregnant we had a blast. The weather was beautiful and the park decorations for Halloween were SO COOL! :wub:


Congrats!!! I know how you feel about not having a trip planned maked you miserable. Congrats again.


May 1st, mark your calendar!!!

And CONGRATS Jess!!! :happy: :cool:

That is way cool that you got those flights FREE!!! WOOOOHOOOOO!
Iam sooo happy for you and Dan!!! :happy:
What a great deal and all!!! :cool: :happy:

Now do you just need to renew your annual pass? And do the DDP?

That is soooo worth it!!! :cool:

I hope you get a good hotel!!! :happy:


It’s a shame we would have missed you either way… :pinch:

But this will work out. Two trip reports in October! :wub: