October Trip Tips


My cousin is getting married in October and going to Disney World for her honeymoon. She has asked her whole bridal party (that includes me!!!:happy: )along on the trip (we’re showing up a few days after they get there!), and she’s asked me to help plan it.

I’ve never been there in October…any tips from the pros?
The dates are Oct. 6th (for the couple)- 14th and for the rest of us Oct. 9th-14th.


thats a great time to go Epcot is a must do for me because its the food and wine fest …


Don’t forget the MNSSHP!!


The food and Wine fest and EPCOT and MNSSHP at the MK would have to be must do’s. The weather is great at that time of year, still warm and nice.


That is a beautiful time of year to go, the weather is nice and the crowds aren’t bad. Definitely be sure to take advantage of the Food and Wine Festival at Epcot - that’s something you won’t get to enjoy at any other time of year!


Definitely the Food & Wine Festival!! If you can work in a MNSSHP I’d suggest that too…October is our favorite time to visit!!


The Food and Wine festival at Epcot, and MNSSHP at the MK! Both a must do!


Thanks guys! Are the crowds manageable? We’re going to be there over Columbus Day, so I know it will be busier than average, but I just want to know what I’m getting into:happy: . I’ve been there on Christmas Eve and 4th of July, so I know busy, but I’ve also done January when the place is empty. Can you compare?