October trip


Just booked our next trip october 13 for ten nights new orleans. My daughter works there I get to see her.


Congrats to you!! October is one of my favorite times to visit.


Boy, this is your lucky trip. I’ll be there as well - 17th - 25th.


One of my favorite trips ever was in October. Everything is perfect! The weather, the crowds, the atmosphere… :slight_smile: I hope you have a great trip! It’s cool that your dd works there. Mine is hoping to get into the program once she starts to college in the fall.


We go every October, but have to truncate this visit because I have a major high school reunion first week in November and I can’t afford that and a full week in WDW, though we will be there around Oct 21-24.


Great time to go, have fun! Going for 10 nights is nice!


Aw - that’s nice! Have a super time with your daughter!


That is great have fun…wish I was going this year in October…that is my favorite time to be in the world.


October and November are my favorite times to visit WDW! A 10 night trip at that time of year will be fantastic! The most I’ve stayed is 6 nights but I dream of an 8 night trip.


We will be there in Oct. from the 20-27. Love the weather,the W&FF, and crowds are OK. MNSSHP gets a little busy but who cares. Your DD has a great job,lucky her.


Another luck Buzzer. Being able to spend time in WDW the same time as I. You lucky dog.


We love Sept and Oct best time to go!
We are going Oct 16-26 Can’t wait!
Hope you have a magical trip!


How wonderful!


We are looking at planning our Oct. trip from Oct.17-20. Looks like some fellow buzzers will be there.


I smell a meet and greet coming up.


Maybe they could have t shirts made that say “We’re lucky, we know Boss Mouse as our friend”. Bet thousands of people will be jealous.


…matching tutu’s maybe?


Yes, I do believe you do!!


Our May plans have been pushed back to October, I’ll be there too.

October 19th - 2nd November :mickey:


This seems to be a popular time to go. We will also be there the first week of October.