October vs. December


I was just about to make reservations for the 10th to the 15th of December, and I started to do some research on crowd levels and saw varying reports on some of the past posts. Are the crowds heavy during the second week in Dec.?

We were at the parks the third week of October in 2009 and the crowds were really light. I think we were spoiled! For anyone who has been during these times how do they compare?


from my experience they were lighter in october… but do you like the chistmas decorations a lot? if so go in december…


Well…we have never been the 2nd week of December, but we were there during the first week and loved it! We also have been in October and had a great time too. I do believe the crowds may be a bit heavier in the second week, not certainly not as much as the 3rd and 4th.

As far I as can remember, here are the differences when we went:

Lighter crowds
no waits for almost everything
Halloween!!! and MNSSHP!!! :heart:
Boo to you parade
Better swimming weather, especially evening swims and water park visits!
International Food and Wine Festival in Epcot
less clothes to pack

Holiday Decos everywhere!!!
Mickey’s Very Merry Christmas Party
Holiday parades
Resorts are decorated so beautifully:wub:
Swimming is iffy depending on Mother Nature.
Osbourne Lights
Candlelight Processional
more clothes to pack since we were not sure of the temps. (One trip I actually froze and had to buy a scarf, hat and gloves in Epcot!!!):pinch::laugh:


The week in December that you’re considering isn’t bad usually, but of course as you get closer to Christmas, the crowds will ramp up.
On the other hand, temperatures are almost always lower in December than October.


The week after Thanksgiving and the two weeks after that are the only time we typically go to WDW. Our experience has been that we have the best time the first two weeks in December. The decorations are up, everyone is in a festive mood, and the crowds are light. As someone else mentioned, after the second week in December, you are certain to meet the crowds.