October Weather


Im getting so excited about our up comming trip that I have decided to start packing some of our stuff this week. I was wondering if its still warm during the 1st week of Oct? Do I pack shorts and bathing suits or jeans and sweatshirts?
When we were there last year at the beginning of Dec it was still warm and a little cool at night. So I really didnt pack the right stuff.
Thanks for the help.


It will be 80 degrees in October, if not warmer. I’m going the end of October and I plan on packing 1 long sleeve shirt. Of course, it takes below zero temps for me to wear something other than shorts anyway so opinions may differ.


What! You mean you aren’t packed yet!!! j/k! You are SO close! October is such a great time of year to go. We’ve been 3 times (late October) and LOVED it (even in 2005 during hurricane Wilma)

I looked at averages for the first week of October at National and Local Weather Forecast, Radar, Map and Report
and it shows average high 88°F and the average low 69°F.

Sounds nice!!! I would think shorts or capris would be fine and one light jacket, just in case it gets chilly. I like those windbreaker type that fold up flat and can fit on the bottom of my back pack. They don’t take up much room or weigh too much.


uh its way hot here now definately pack for hot days and maybe cooler nights


We love October but we have went middle to late in the month. For the most part shorts and T-shirts are fine but I would take a jacket.


I was there last October, there was a chill in the morning, but soon warmed up. It was also chilly at night, I didn’t wear shorts, but having the jacket did help… a wind breaker.


My son and I have been down the last 3 years during the first two weeks of Oct and its been HOT, temps in the lower 90’s and humid. We’re going down to Disney and Universal for HHN on Oct 3’rd this year and I’m packing shorts and Tee’s, one pair of jeans and one long sleeve shirt and I don’t think I’ll see the pants till I’m heading for the airport.


That’s the same experience we had in 05, HOT, HOT, HOT. Every morning when my dh and I came out of our a/c room to go for breakfest, our glasses steamed up. Same with the camera lens. Didn’t need a jacket the whole time we were there.


When we went the Weather was great and we never needed anything more then Shorts and “T’s”


We’ll be there mid-October. I’ve always been in either the dead of summer or at Christmas, so this is a good thread for me. I was assuming that it would still be pretty warm and hadn’t planned on jackets or sweatshirts, but maybe I need to rethink that.


Maybe we’ll see you there Wedindisney! I was planning to pack all summer clothes and one pair of jeans and a light jacket. Really, with as much as we’ll be moving around, I don’t anticipate being cold and I’m a cold natured person. I’ll probably only use the jacket on the plane since that’s where it’s cold! :slight_smile: 80 degrees would be awesome but I think it’ll be more like 85 or 90. Also, the pools in Disney are heated so definitely take swimsuits!


Once again, another Florida weather question… Time for me to dust off my standard response!!! “Florida is the only state that you can watch three different weather forecasts on three different channels and they can all be wrong.” October is still a hot month. However, you’re still in hurricane season. If we are in standard October weather, you will never want to be wearing pants! Or long sleeve shirts at that. If we get a cold front dropping through from up north, we can see the 50’s-60’s, but it isn’t common for that. We could be rainy, we may be dry. What I’m getting at is it’s so hard to predict our weather. Plan on it being very warm, but bring one pair of pants and maybe a sweater or light jacket. Chances are though, you’ll never need 'em.


Oh yeah, and October brings us the Food and Wine Festival at Epcot!!! Don’t forget to eat and drink around the show case!


october is a great month to go!! a little cool in the morning, hot during the day, a bit cool at night. i would bring a light jacket and maybe a pair of jeans… other than that, should be shorts and T’s, lol :biggrin:


We are going to do the same the thing and we are also being costumes for the MNSSHP.


Thanks for all the the help gang. Im going to pack shorts and short sleeved t-shirts and of coarse bathing suits. I figure that since we are leaving NJ in the early morning we will have jeans on so I wont need to pack any.
I can always buy something we need while we are down there.

Hey TaraRae maybe we can meet up during the week that we are both there? Just a thought.


Oh, I don’t want to butt in during your Honeymoon but sure if you want to! DH will think I’m insane. LOL Although, maybe he won’t. I have plenty of friends I meet up with about once a month from another local message board for brides and women in general. :slight_smile:


Hey there… Its not our honeymoon that was 5 years ago so you wont be butting in…It is your anniversary so I dont want to but in on you guys.


Out last October trip (two years ago) it was humid, rainy, and hot every day and night. Two years before that, it was hot, hot, hot all week until Wednesday when a front came through. It got cool, but not too bad unless you are from the area (the CM’s at the hotel were wearing coats outside, but I was good in shorts and a t-shirt). I’d guess it was in the mid 50’s that morning and warmed to the lower 80’s that afternoon.

This was the second week of October both trips, and we are going again this year. I’m not bringing a jacket or even any long pants (except for the drive down), but I will have at least one long sleeve shirt/sweat shirt just in case.


Oops!! I totally misread your list of Disney trips! LOL Silly me. Let me talk to DH and see if he’s cool with planning a meet.