Has anyone gone in October last week around Halloween?

What are the crowds like? The last 2x I went were in September

Lat me know…Thanks:pirate:


We went for many years in October, the crowds were far less than in summer, but there is a UK school holiday around this time ( the reason we went)- the weather was good, not too humid we found and much cooler at night, and of course for us the Halloween celebrations were amazing.


The weather at the end of last Oct. was good. We had some very light rain, but not enough to ruin anything. There was tropical storm/hurricane problems going on at that time last year but they really never affected WDW that much.


October is a great time to go. Crowds are moderate but not bad since kids are generally in school. The weather is very nice. Typically dry and not too hot at all.

Make sure you get tickets for Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party!


We just visited the 1st week of Oct and it wasn’t the slowest time we’ve been but it was far from the busiest. The weather was good for tanks/short sleeve and shorts. Not real humid either. A few storms which is typical. I have to say DO NOT miss the halloween party! Dressing up makes it that much more fun. The crowds are smaller because they only sell as certain # of tickets. They pass out special maps so you know where things will take place and give you great bags for candy. I highly recommend eating before it starts. We ate once we got there and lost about 2 hrs even with our reservations. Having the pics of the kids with the characters @ the rest. is nice but they’re all over the park too! It’s our favorite time to travel.


We went the last week of October/ beginning of Nov. in 2005. The crowds were moderate. From talking to other guests, it seems that a lot of people come for Halloween and then leave. I think that is true because come Nov.1 - no crowds at all! So close to Halloween moderate to heavy. After Halloween- light! That was our experience. Weather was OK- we had a few really nice warm sunny days and a few mild days. Have fun- go to MNSSHP!


I have gone to WDW twice during the last week of October. It’s a great time to go to WDW. The temps are still warm, but not crazy hot. The crowds are heavier than September, but easy to manage. Then and January are my favorite times to go.


We were there Oct. 30 to Nov. 8, 2007, and it is a great time to go!
If you go earlier in the month you can go to MNSSHP and the crowds
won’t be so bad but on Oct. 30 or 31 the MNSSHP will be filled to capacity.
The weather is fine, still a good time for pools. And of course don’t forget the Food and Wine festival is going on at Epcot!


I love going in October my anniversary is October 28th so we love going then .Food and wine festival MNSSHP and just alot of halloween decorations its great to go that time of year


We just went in late October for the first time last year. It is now my new favorite time. The weather was ideal and the crowds were pretty darn good.
And the MNSSHP was super.


We went October 15-25 in 2005. We LOVED it! Perfect weather and moderate crowds. MNSSHP is AWESOME! We even did Typhoon Lagoon one day. We will go back in October again!


are the crowds smaller in October or September during free dining?


Hmm hard to say. We went for free dinning in 2006 in september. Were in in WDW october/November 2005. Crowds were slighlty less in October, but IMO about the same in our experience.


Which month (sept or oct) has the better weather?


Both months can be really close in how they are. Sometimes they are rainy, sometimes not. October will be a little bit cooler, but, not much. The temperature difference will mainly be felt at night and not during the day.


Stayed twice in Oct. Not too crowded. You can get the best of both worlds by staying through the 1st week of November, b/c come Nov 1st all the holiday stuff comes out.


Ahhhh, so you met Hurricane Wilma, too!

We LOVE going in October, but watch the weather close, it’s hurrican season!!