Odd collection of questions


My brain is on overload at the moment, and I wondered if someone might be able to answer these questions for me.

  1. If you make a reservation online w/Disney, can you make changes to that reservation over the phone? (Lets say, a discount comes out after you have booked.)

  2. If you book over the phone with an AAA discount, and an AP discount comes out afterwards, that is better, can you change it?

  3. Has anyone heard anything about any Pirate & Princess Parties for August?:pirate: :ph34r:


Well…I can’t answer all of your questions but…

  1. Yes, I have been able to make changes to a reservation that I’ve made on line by calling on the phone.

  2. Yes, I have always been able to change for a better rate if is applicable and available.

  3. Nope…sorry:(


#3I have not heard anything yet but we went last year in August!!! And since the MNSSHP is not starting in August(Sorry Dana:crying: ) Maybe the PPP will be in August again!:pirate:

  1. You can, I have. I like to book over the phone though simply because it seems like they like giving people a hard time when they book online and call and make changes. Several times I’ve booked online and called to add a day, drop a day switch resorts etc…they’ve always been accommodating and done it but I swear every CM has always said “Since this was a web reservation it takes a little longer for us to process a request”. It’s not a big deal but sometimes I get tired of hearing snarkiness from those people.

I don’t have an answer for 2 and 3…


Odd questions answered.
What are exactly are you planning?
Care to give us the odd details?


We went in August of last year too, so I wondered if it might be offered again this year.


Yes, I was worried about the hassle afterwards. Besides, I am so phobic of doing things online anyway. I also deal with enough snarkiness, I don’t need any more.

Thanks for your input Bella.


What do you think I am planning?
Not just yet.:ph34r:


Well I never…:pinch:


I booked online this time and have not had any problems making changes later. Even getting the Free Dining added was no hassle.