Odd Deluxe Dining Question?


If I went Deluxe, could I use some of my credits to pay for other people’s meal beside those under my reservation.


No you cannot


[QUOTE=Dopey;1113509]No you cannot

Technically. But it can be done.


Yup. Freinds did it with a family member who was not there the whole trip. They paid OOP for one of their kids who would not eat an adult meal and ordered from the kids memu, even though they were 13.


We were once offered people’s unused dining credits. They were checking out of the Grand Floridian. But before my dad could accept, another family piped up that they’d take them. :laugh: I wasn’t sure if that would’ve worked for us or not, since we weren’t on the dining plan.


You can do it. Disney doesn’t know who is and who isn’t on the plan at the table and if you are just handing them your card to pay for the meal, they take it from the “pool” of credit that goes with your resort reservation. At least that’s how it was. Who knows what chances 2013 packages and updates will bring.


Agree with Dana. We only hand one card over when purchasing for four at a counterservice. They don’t verify that those four meals are for our family using the dining plan. As long as you have enough credits to cover the meal count, they really don’t verify how you use them.


Officially you can’t, but every single time we have asked, we get the same response from the wait staff, “they are your credits”. We have never had a single issue with it. Fed my Mom, my in laws, friends, and never been told “no” a single time.


Not to dispute you, since I’ve only done the dining plan once, but I’ve heard you can only use as many meals at one time as you have listed on the card. So if the card says 2 adults and 2 kids, you can’t do 6 adult meals during one meal. Did you find this true?


[QUOTE=Dopey;1113509]No you cannot

I have never had a problem with a different amount of guests.
After all, Disney is the one telling you that you can use your credits any way you want. All their offers and advertisements say as much.
So whose rump does the skin come off of if I wish to blow 15 sit down credits all at one meal? Not Disney’s.


I don’t think there is a cap on the meals you use at a time. For instance, I cashed out 10 snacks and 4 counters in one shot and it was only me and my daughter (road food and what was left on our plan)


Well, there will be 8 of us traveling together and my party makes up 5 of us. There are so many places I want to eat but the other 3 are on a tight budget and swinging the normal dining plan is gonna take some strict budgeting on their part…BUT, if I did Deluxe and used those credits to go to the few extra places we want to go, I might would do that.


I would just wait and see what they change about the dining plans before you commit. They may not change anything, but you never know with Disney. They have altered that plan at least one way every year.


well, my math just seems to say

81 = 8 meal credits for our party
3 = 15 meal credits for our party

I would get them to pay me the amount of the normal meal plan and pick 5% of my tip or something like that. We would all eat much happier.


Personally I would find that to be cheating. I mean it’s not like you ended up with an extra 1 or 2 credits, or had a last minute 1 day guest join in where you shuffled things to make it work. Disney has been known to accomodate for exceptions but this is planned deceit. Sorry, that’s my opinion.


We have never had a problem cashing out more meals than the number of people on the card for snacks or counter service meals. However, A friend had her parents visit and join them for one night at a sitdown restaurant and was told she could not use her card to pay for her parents meals. So maybe it depends on the server and if they enforce the rules.


ohh…valid point! It may depend. I would not want to be in the position to not be able to cover the meal.

Bring cash just in case!