Odd question about POR


Hi all,

I am staying at POR this August for the 5th time ( I can’t believe it) but it is the first time that I haven’t requested a specific side of the resort (Magnolia Bend vs Alligator Bayou). I am just wondering which side is assigned more often if you don’t make a request.

My roommates and I have decided not to request a side and just be suprised, but now I am constantly thinking, “Hmmmm, I wonder where they will put us!”

So basically, if there is anyone out there who has stayed at POR recently and NOT made a request, can you tell me where they put you? Thanks!


I don’t have any scientific studies on it - but somehow I think they probably fill up Alligator Bayou first. Don’t ask me why - I’m probably completely wrong.:laugh:


LOL, I’m going to guess the opposite…same thing I’m probably wrong too, but my thinking is that more people request AB, because of the trundles. I know they’re not in every room, but I can’t help but thinking that some people would request that in the hopes of getting one! I know DD would think it was so cool, even if we never used it. :laugh:

So, I had to edit to say my guess would be the Mansion side, so they could grant as many requests as possible.
Karen, You’ll have to let us know what you get!!


:laugh: Good point.


I would have said that they prob fill up Magnolia 1st then move to Alligator . No specific reasoning behind that, just a hunch.


We always request the mansions so can’t help there, but if the number of people I see walking around is any indication, I’d say the Bayou.


Well, the first two times we stayed we didn’t request and got Alligator Bayou. The third time we REALLY wanted Alligator Bayou, we were travelling with my parents and thought they’d like it better, so we requested it. You guessed it…that was my first stay in the Mansions! :laugh: It turned out fine and I love both sides of the resort.


I think you should flip a coin at check in…heads you ask for AB and tails you ask for the mansions…lol that’s probally how WDW does it…lol

actually the point about the AB filling first makes sense. Many people go to that resort for the extra bed option…MB would be where you would be assigned by WDW I am thinking since AB is requested the most.


Went in January without a request and was assigned Magnolia Bend. Dont know if that means anything or not.


I wasn’t sure which section I perferred so I just asked for a room near the main pool. They put us in AB and I loved it!


We are here now and I did not request because I wanted to be surprised. We got the Magnolia Bend. I like it! This is a very, very big resort!


Hmmm, so far it seems like all indicators and hunches point to Magnolia Bend. I can’t wait for my trip so I can let you all know!


Our family has stayed at POR many times also. The first two times we went we didn’t request any particular room and both times were put in the Mansions. The last three times we stayed there I requested Alligator Bayou and got it. I definately like Alligator Bayou better.


We never request an area and end up in Magnolia more than the Bayou. Hope that helps.


So I am back from POR and I know you have all been waiting with bated breath to find out where in the resort we were placed without making a specific room request, so I won’t keep you waiting anymore. Ha.

Drumroll please…

It looks like you buzzers were right, we ended up in the Mansion section. Oak Manor to be exact. We had a great time and I’ll post some more details later but wanted to finish out this thread!


Oooooohhhh, a trip report, a trip report. I am excited to hear that you had a fantastic trip. So please, don’t make us wait too long.


We are requesting a trundle, so despite my wanting to stay at Magnolia Bend, we are staying at Alligator Bayou - the only place available with extra sleeping room.

I would imagine you get what you get, based on population and specific requests?