Of Course The Surprise Will Change


Well, now that we’ve switched to flying (1-1/2 hrs) from driving straight thru (15 hrs.), my plan to surprise by DD with our stay at POR instead of PC must change too. Instead of my plan of driving to DTD and taking the boat over the POR to surpirse her, I’m kind of at a loss. Since we’re using the Magical express service to get from the airport to the resort, I have a feeling I won’t be able to keep it a secret. I realize the Magical Express service hasn’t started yet, so I’m kind of at a loss here. I guess I’ll just keep it a secret as long as possible.

I just spoke with Keith at Mousketrips and he’s not sure exactly how it all will work either (he kind of indicated Disney may not be too sure yet either). he sed he thinks the Magical express bus will take us directly to our resort fo rcheck-in, so I won’t be able to get off at DTD and then take the boat over. Hmmmm… any ideers?

He did know that since our airline (Southwest) isn’t on the participating list, we’ll have to pick up our own luggage at the airport and take it to the Magiocal Express Welcome Center. From there, it will be taken directly to our resort and then our room…

I can’t believe our trip is almost here! As I type this, I have the Subsonic Radio Disney Theme Park station playing a musical loop from Riverside (nee Riverside). It’s about 30 min. long. I’m getting pumped! We’ll be there from May 13-24 (switching to Poly for the last 4 nites)!!

:mickey: :mickey: :mickey: :mickey:


How was this going to work before? You were going to park at DTD and then take the boat over to POR and check in without bags?

Well, here’s a thought… why not just surprise her in the airport?

Maybe you could print out some information about POR from the Disney website and make your own little brouchure and say something like, “Hey, there was something I wanted you to look at.”?

I know it won’t be quite the same, but I think the effect for her will nearly be the same.


I would just get on the bus and then as it pulls away, act like you are on the wrong bus… then- oh well- I guess that we have to stay here- i hope that it is ok with you. let her be the one to tell you that you are on the “wrong bus” or going ot the wrong hotel. have a great trip!!!


That might work.

The way it was going to work before…
(DD’s college roomie’s going with us to meet her family at WDW - she’s from England.)

As a ritual, we always start our WDW visits at DTD and eat at Planet Hollywood. I was going to drop DD and her college roomie off at DTD and I was going to make an excuse that I needed to make an emergency trip to the nearest Nissan dealership to get a “noise” in the engine checked out. Instead, I would go to POR, check in and take the boat back to DTD. After we ate, we would hang out and I would say we should take this boat over to POR to take a look around (we always visit POR to eat and have a look around, but we’ve never stayed there). Once there, we’d casually look around and I was going to make our way to our actual room, then open the door and … surprise, surprpsie surprise!

But since the price of gas got so high, I found $59 one-way flights to Orlando on Southwest Airllines. Much cheaper than driving from STL in an SUV.

I like your idea…


When they drop you off at POR, tell your DD you have to transfer to another bus to get to PC. :tongue: Have her and her friend wait with your luggage outside while you go and “ask where you’re supposed to catch the bus” (but secretly check in.)

I’m sure your DD will be confused when you start walking toward a room…and that’s when you can just get that little grin on your face…and she’ll probably get it after that. :biggrin: And if not, she’ll sure as heck get it when you walk into the room!

How’s that?


on a side note, where can I acess sub sonic Disney, I love all the music, I like Radio Buena Vista.