Off again on again trip


ok we had to cancel the trip in October due to my cars transmission going boom. well now dh said it may not cost as much as he thought so MAYBE we could go for less days but in November. I really really need a vacation for reason too numerous for here. but the only time i can get seems nov 13 for seven nights… question how is the weather in that time frame? also …
do the park close all that earlier?:confused::confused:
are there parades,? are the parks decorated for Christmas?.. the mickey Christmas party are those nights and we can still do the food and wine.
how are the crowds? i really need to get away from work for my sanity. but I dont want to waste a trip. :mickey::mickey: help me decide. if we don’t to it now we will probably wait for next year. … I have to take my vacation days anyway by the end of the year or we lose them. thanks


I do believe MK and HS is done for Christmas. I thought the first mickey Christmas party is a few days earlier. Don’t know about Epcot.

The parks do close early, but I don’t think any earlier than now. But the weather is cooler (not cold), so you can march around all day and not pass out from the heat.

So use those vacation days. I’d pack peanut butter and jelly if I had to do a trip cheap or no trip. Eating out is nice, but I can eat out around here. Disney is nothing like around here.


Out of all the trips we have taken, November is my favorite time. The weather is still warm during the day, then around dinner time, we would go back to the resort, clean up and put pants and a hoodie on to be totally comfortable. The crowds are low, and each day we would see more and more Christmas decorations pop up. The Osbourne lights had already started which is one of my favorite things I have ever encountered in my life. Definitely take the vacation. You have already said you need it, and it will be so wonderful to see all the Christmas stuff. Good for you that it’s working out!


If you can swing it I would definately go!!! November is great - weather is perfect and crowds are low - so even though the parks close a little earlier, you can get more done during the day. You deserve it - I say, do it!!:mickey::mickey:


Of course there are parades. As for Christmas decorations, they begin going up right after Halloween and I thing the first Christmas party is sometime in mid November as well this year. Food and Wine ends on November 14.
The weather is usually good, usually warm (low 80s) and not much chance of rain.
There is a chance that strong cold fronts are beginning to have enough gas to make it to Orlando, so try to pack as close to when you’re leaving as you can so you see the most up to date weather. The crowds will be pretty low in advance of Thanksgiving and it is a value season, so you’ll get the lowest room rates.


If I could go at that time of year, I would in a minute. I would be thrilled to see some of the holiday decorations, walk around in cooler weather and have lower crowds. If you go with the idea that you are just there to relax and enjoy what you can then it will be worth it! I know they extended free dining so it might be worth checking if you are staying on property.


thanks all we are waiting until we get the bill from the mechanic on Tuesday…if it remains on what he gave us as a estimate then we are going to book it. with free dining we will be able to go… dh doesn’t usually like to go if we are on a tight budget but this time I think i convinced him that a low key trip is better then none. usually we budget and save so we don’t have to worry about what we spend but sometimes life just happens and interferes in our disney world.:frown: .