Off Airport Check-in


Has anyone used the off airport check-in service in lake buena vista and if so is there a fee?


HI welcome to Mousebuzz- if you mean with Virgin Atlantic at Downtown Disney then yes I have many many times- it’s a great service, but its $10.00 per passenger (well worth it to get rid of bags and have extra Disney time rather than airport time)


We are flying on US Air and I heard you could check in at the lake buena vista factory stores


Oh ok, can’t help with that question- but maybe another member can?


thank you for your reply but I did found a wbsite at offairportcheckin and the fee is 12usd 1-3 people and 10usd 4 or more.


OH thats great- is it at the Factory store place? and I dont think thats too bad a price for the convenience of checking in bags early. Glad you found the info:happy:


Yes, it is located next to Old Navy at the Lake Buena Vista Outlet Mall on Hwy. 535


I haven’t heard anything about it, but I pass by it on the way to work. There are plenty of clearly marked signs and it’s very close to Disney property.