Off kilter new website


Off Kilter Fans Rise Up!

Just found this. Off Kilter has a new website:

They are actually coming up to play Hunter Mountain, NY. We will be there!


After so many years in residence, adapting to touring’s going to be a little rough.
Nice to see the band is still together.


Glad to see you Soundgod!


I’m still around. There’s just not much to talk about these days.
Good seeing you too.


Going to see Off Kilter at Hunter Mountain on August 16th. Very excited!


Thanks for the post Skwak. Hopefully they will have more New England… Boston would be OK so I could go and see them. Love them. Was sad to see them end their run in Canada.


And they replaced them with a lumberjack exhibition no less.
That’s just not right.


Agreed. Just plain silly…

[QUOTE=Soundgod;1919094956]And they replaced them with a lumberjack exhibition no less.
That’s just not right.[/QUOTE]


Thanks Skwak for posting. Made my day! Looks like they are in Indy in September. I’m thinking a road trip will be in order!


I am not familiar with them. Are they a Scottish group? I noticed kilt in the name.


They were the music entertainment in Canada for MANY years. They played mostly easy Celtic Rock. Great group.


They were great fun. I miss seeing them very much. Can’t wait to see them at Hunter Mountains!


I am very jealous. Enjoy the concert


Will try to post pictures or maybe a video.


Sorry for the delay in posting. Had a fantastic time seeing Off Kilter at the Celtic Festival in Hunter, NY. Met the band afterwards and got to speak with them. Just amazing!! :laugh:


Here is a few of the band with me (far right), my youngest son (far left) and my friend (next to my son).


They now offer really cool t-shirts that I was fortunate enough to have 4 band members sign. I love it!!!

I so wish that Disney would bring them back!!


Oh my word, that is so awesome that you got to meet them. I would drive them nuts with questions. Any chance they will ever go back to Disney? Was there this past week and every time I was at Epcot, their stage was empty. I was in the “angry” stage that Disney took them away from my entertainment.


I asked them as much. Two of the band members actually still work for Disney. The bass player actually sells DVC. The guitar player does entertainment sound systems for other acts even British Revolution in Epcot. I asked them what happened and they said honestly it was simply a decision from Glendale, CA to freshen up older acts. They do not even think the decision was made by someone who knew anything of the band. Same with World Showcase Players. They said that they would love to come back to Disney. Somehow I wish we could convince someone at Disney to review these decisions!!


I’m not on Facebook anymore, but I’m thinking that’s the best way to get word out for our request. On another Disney chat board, a guest had a horrible situation at a resort, and went up the food chain to get it fixed to no avail. Finally got a resolution when she went on Facebook. Seeing they have the attitude new is better than tradition, I’m thinking they may pay more attention to chatter on FB than other sources. Anyone interested in leading the campaign?