Off the wall question


When you meet Woody in the park, does he have “Andy” written on the bottom of his boot?


Yes he does, I have somewhere a photo of it among my 1000’s of pictures on memory sticks, in boxes etc. Finding it may be another thing though but I am 100% certain he does.


Not like Disney to leave put such a detail, but when we met him I didn’t check, I will this time though! :slight_smile:


Now I know when the picture was taken but now to find it, it was during a parade at MGM and you could see the bottom of his boots. Yes. I still say MGM too.


Obscure question, I know, but I have wondered this. I have never met any Toy Story characters, but I think we will this time at MNSSHP.


They have a meet and greet spot at HS, it’s by Pizza Planet. You can also meet Lotso Huggin’ Bear at the animation studios.


Oh, I want to meet Lotso. I heard he really smells like strawberries:smile:


He does!! (Even though Rowdy says he doesn’t) :whistling


Am I weird not to care if I meet Lotso or not? He was a bad Guy lol


If I meet Lotso I’m gonna kick him.:angry:


hahaha is Lotso covered in flies from being in front of the truck?


:laugh:Do it!


At the park he is the sweetest, cutest thing! We were very sad to learn he was a bad guy :glare: