Off to Disneyland...FINALLY


Well as of Tuesday Ill be in Disneyland for a week, how fun!! Im so excited! Ill do my best to post a trip-report with pictures and discuss whats going on at the resort and whats new. Im SO excited! :smile: :mickey: haha I was so excited I just wanted to share it all with my Disney Family and Friends :happy:


Yay!! And just in time for your birthday!!!


Have a good time!

Oh, and have a happy birthday!


Hooray! I was going to ask you if you were going to celebrate your birthday at DL! Looks like you (kind of) are! :biggrin: Have a blast!!


Hurry back with all the details!



Have a good time! And take lots and lots of pictures!! :happy: :mickey:


Ooh…have a wonderful time! Can’t wait to hear all about it when you get back!


Have a great time. Come back with lots to tell


Tomorrow is the big day!

Hope you have fun!


Can’t wait to see pictures! Say Hi to Captain Jack for me!


I hope you have a MAGICAL trip!!!


I hope you have loads of fun! :biggrin:


Enjoy your time! :mickey: I can’t wait to read your TR!


I forgot this thread was still here.

Partly 'cause we haven’t heard from him for the past week!

And Anaheimboy still has two more days of fun!


I wonder if he is having a blast? What a silly question. Sure he is!!!


Awe, I can’t wait to hear all about it!


Neither can I… :happy:

Isn’t he back yet? :confused:

Should we start his trip report for him? :laugh:


Great idea, what do you think happened first???


Maybe we should start a thread in Trip Report so we don’t threadjack this one!! :laugh:


Isn’t it too late? Can you imagine coming home from your Disney vacation and finding that DC members had already written your TR for you? :laugh: :laugh: :laugh: