Off topic but has anyone seen ice age two


ok i know its not a disney movie but has anyone seen ice age two?


Yes, I took my boys to see it a few weeks ago. It was ok, nothing spectacular. And there was some potty talk, which was a bit surprising.


I saw it! I liked it alot.


My daughter saw it yesterday, she liked it okay. Didn’t think it was great. Did you see it little pickle?


Yes it was. :ohmy:


I saw it, the first one was better. Although, this one isn’t horrible or anything.


The first one was more entertaining. There were a few parts that seemed to drag alittle. Our DD got a little bored. (But she is only 2!) She could watch the first one everyday, and does sometimes! It was good, but the first one is better.


We took our DD to see a couple of weeks ago. It was ok, the first one was better.


I thought it just came out last week.

Anyway - we saw it and liked it also. In fact, we liked it as much as the first one…


We saw it last weekend and loved it! We thought it was very funny. There are some parts in there that we’re still talking about.


I thought it was okay. I liked the first one better,too. The best part was the squirrel and the acorn.


ok great thanks for everyones i will go see it to get my own thought then. I liked the first one alot too. but no i have not seen the movie yet thats why i was wanting to know if it was worth seeing in a movie theather or wait til it comes out and rent it. probally wait for it to come out to rent.


Thanks though everyone u have been a great help


I was a bit upset with that. Was it rated PG or G? I just feel bad for the parents that take their kids expecting a kids movie and then have have to listen to a bit of foul language.

That aside, it was cute, but I liked the first one better.


Oh yes, he made the movie. Every 15 minutes when it cut to his scene to show how he was doing I smiled. Haha. He’s one awesome squirrel. :cool:

But anyways, I liked it just as much as the first one. It seemed way to similar to the first one though… both shows have the characters on some big trip, and the characters are being hunted by some vicious beasts the whole time.