OFFER: Downtown Disney Coupon Book


I have a coupon book for Downtown Disney with coupons for up to 20% off Dining, Merchandise, Recreation and Services. I received this when I purchased my passes from my local Disney Store. The expiration date is 12/31/08. We never made it to DTD to use it last trip.

I will put it in the mail to the first person that PM’s me with their address today. Remeber, it is only good until 12/31/08.

Happy Shopping!!


What a nice thing to do, Kim. I hope someone can take advantage of your gift :happy:


It’s taken- going to tinkerbell!!


Awesome, I love to see MBers sharing with each other. So nice!


Thanks Kim! You rock! If I’m not able to use a certain coupon I will be sure to pass it on while in DTD. Thanks again soooo much!


You are welcome! Enjoy!