Offering of DAK parade script


Ok i have offered this to some people in the newsgroups alt.binaries.multimedia.disney.parks and even there was interest nobody claim them. I used to live with a Tigger,a Goofy,a Pluto and a Pocahontas, all of them worked in DAK and after i moved out somehow i ended up with this script that one of them brough home when they were rehersing for this parade when they first started. I called them and asked them if they whanted it back but none whanted it so now i have it just sitting around doing nothing except collecting dust…LOL
The script is of all what the caracters said on the parade if you like a copy and live in FL i will be more than happy to send you a copy or we can meet at a kincos and you can get a copy of it.
Any takers?:blink:
I am offering this in here because i guess there is more Disney nuts in here LOL
Also pref to old DC members or should i say now MB members


What a nice offer! The script would be really cool to have!! :c)

I don’t really have use for it, but I hope that you find a taker for such a sweet offer!



That’s an awesome offer!! So sweet of you, as Erin said I hope you find someone to take the offer, but I do not live anywhere near FL!!


I would love it but we’re not YET in Florida… hope to move back in the next few months though!



Well like i said before there has been some interest but no takers, but when you get here just hit me up and a copy is yours and to add to the offer i will throw in a copy of the music loops that also came with the script.
Hows that?


:wub: Muuuuuuuusic LOOOOOOOPS… MUUUUUUSIC LOOOPS… :wub:

I hope I get a job down there FAST!! :wub: :wub: :wub:

loves, as you may guess, music loops


HEHE whant some loops i colect them too. you should start using newsgroups i you dont already do because there you can find plenty of loops.:pirate:


I’m on some Yahoo groups but none of them have Disney loops… :huh:



Not yahoo groups Newsgroups.
Newsgroups are part of what you pay your ISP but if you dont know how to use them or what they are they dont tell you either but most likely you have them thru your ISP.


Oh. :blush: We have something through cable now but I am not sure how to get to newsgroups through it…