Offically under 24 hrs!


I’m so excited! :goofybounce:

Even though I have been lucky enough to go more than once this year, this trip is very exciting for us. It is my DD’s 4th birthday celebration and it is the first time we are ever staying in a deluxe and it’s the Poly!!! :lilo: Even though we’ll be at Pop for our first 2 days we are looking forward to experiencing that resort too (and all the frozen cokes DH can drink, well as long as the machine is up and running)…

But I just realized that I never called to confirm my dining ressies!!! :eek:

Guess I should go take care of that!

I’m working today and tomorrow morning and that is supposed to be taking my mind off of this but it doesn’t!!! :pinch:


I am so excited for you. Please do stop what you are doing right now and call and check those ADRS…you do not want the mess-ups I had. Call…have them read them to you. Don’t you read them off and give them the chance to just “yes” you to death.


Don’t those people at work realize they are asking you to walk around in a WDW anticipatory haze? Congrats on the countdown! I hope it is a fabulous trip!!! :mickey:


Have a great time!!!


Thank goodness I work from home!!! LOL :laugh:

Off to check dining ressies…


Ok! Dining has been confirmed! I was worried about that! We did so much cancelling and adding! They had everything perfect but had one extra which I cancelled now!

But I took Dana’s advice and had the woman read them off to me!


Just got an email from JetBlue too! I can print out our boarding passes!


Yeeeehaaaaaw, have a great trip. Enjoy the Poly it looks and sounds like a great place :smile:


Whew! What a relief. I know how hard it is to concentrate in the wee hours before a trip… :happy:


Have a great time! Can’t wait to hear all about the Poly!


:wub: :heart: :wub: :heart: gogogo:pinch:


Thanks everyone!

I do need to vent for a minute…I got an email this morning that I could check in my DH and DD for our flight tomorrow afternoon (We are on the same flight but under different confirmations numbers since my flight was an award flight) And I notice the times of the departure are different from what I booked! :eek: I started to panic! I checked my confirmation that they sent when I booked the flight and that was right. I never received a notice that the times were changing. And my flight was still the same time! So after 20 mins on hold with JetBlue (who I love and enjoy flying with) they switched their flight back to the same as mine! And they have no idea what happened!
I’m just happy it got fixed!


Have a great trip! FROZEN COKES - why don’t they have those at my resorts :mad: I love those!


Ok! I’m signing off! A couple more hrs of work and we are off to the airport!

“See” you all when we get back!!


Have a great trip! :slight_smile:


Im glad the flight was fixed… Have a wonderful trip!!