Official Disney Items


Is there an online site where you can purchase official Walt Disney World items that you can only get at Disney World?


Um…then you couldn’t only get them at Walt Disney World. lol:blink::laugh:

Sorry…I’ve no help to offer, but I’d like to know too:happy:


the Disney Store Online has park items. You can also find park only merchandise at, but you are paying extra, as they purchase the individual items for you, then ship them.


I know that some of the pins are only distributed via the cast members who have the pin trading lanyards.


The store @


Disney Store | Official Site for Disney Merchandise. Through midnight tonight you get free shipping when you buy official park merchandise on your complete order. Just use promo “PARKSFREE”.

I bought two of the mickey lightsabers from there, which I’m sure it is alot cheaper than in the park, and plan to bring and give to the kiddos at MK. :happy:


slightly off thread but I have always wanted one of the wire baskets they use in Chef Mickeys to hold the condiments! I asked a CM once if you could buy them and they said no…one day Im hoping I will just be given one because I am nice :wink: …either that or because I throw a massive tantrum until one is thrown at me! :laugh:

#8 only has limited park items. One time ds wanted a shirt from Everest, but we never got a chance to get back there before we left for home. I called Disney and asked them if there was any way to order that shirt. They gave me a different phone number, in which when I called, they transfered me to the actual Everest store and a cm was able to process the transaction via credit card. It was shipped to me five days later. That was years back, and not sure if the number still works. I’ll have to dig around for it. Not even sure if I kept it. So, you may want to call Disney yourself and inquire about it.


They will still do this. We were at HS last week and I wanted a T-shirt from the Indiana Jones store, but they didn’t have DS’s size, so the cast member said to call the phone number on the receipt and describe the t-shirt and they would look for it and ship it to our home.
Otherwise, I’ve also ordered park merchandise at, but the selection they offer is limited.