Official Sanaa Menu released,includes desert!


Scott Joseph has posted the opening menu on his site.
I did not see any changes from the test menu but it now includes desert.
Scott Joseph’s Orlando Restaurant Guide


Awesome, thank you so much for posting that!


MMMMM…I’d probably go for the Dessert Sampler!


Thank you! I’ve been hoping for something more updated! I love the idea of the Wine Flights they recommend for each dish!


I agree! I am not a hugely educated wine connoisseur so I always appreciate those menu suggestions. I don’t even drink wine often but I think I would try it here. It seems like they took great care with their menu. I’m excited! How many days now? I better go look at my countdown. haha


Thanks for posting the link. I miss reading Scott Joseph’s reviews in the Orlando Sentinel


When they start talking wine flights, I start assuming two credits.
(As in signature restaurant)


I’m looking at these pictures and Sanaa looks very similar to Boma.
Additionally, it is said that Sanaa will be “family service” whatever they define that as and they have a lunch menu. This indicates it will not be a signature restaurant, as none of the signatures does any meal other than dinner.
The dinner menu I’m looking at looks pretty interesting, but I’m afraid it will be too spicy for DW (she doesn’t like “heat”).
Prices don’t look bad either.


I agree, this menu looks very interesting. I think it will go on my list for the summer.