Official Space Mountain Refurb Start Date


It was recently internally announced throughout WDW, but the official start date to the big Space Mountain refurbishment is April 19,2009 with it reopening at some point (unannounced) in late 2009.

I’ve seen this information on one WDW fansite and it was confirmed on a second.


Glad I am going down now and not this summer


Does anyone know what the refurb will entail?

Same ride new decor?


We should be going down in September 09-I hope it’s back up and running by then


Hmmm…it will be interesting to see what all is involved. Can’t wait for some post-refurb TRs.


Well thank goodness, it’s about time!!! I am REALLY hoping they re-do it like the Space Mountain in Disneyland. It’s soooo smooth & fun now!


wasn’t that refurb over a year long? it looks as if they are only taking wdw sm offline for 6 months or so. i am not sure what major changes they can do in 6 months. i agree - this is long overdue…


This totally is bad, this is my dad’s favorite ride. He is going to be so sad about this or mad either one! SPace Mountain is what he looks forward to when we go!


My DH and DD will be hoping its ready for September time too- its one of their favourites.


From my understanding they will be replacing the track (new track is identical) and adding in a star field effect like DL/DLP (very cool if you haven’t experienced it). They are also redoing the pre-show load area and the exit.

They have been planning this for a while and I wouldn’t be surprised if it is all been pre-assembled. 6 to 7 months sounds about right.

incidentally when I was at the MK in Oct we road the TTA through SM late when the lights here on. There is enough room in there to put 2 more coasters (easily). Wouldn’t it be cool if they added another coaster! Also it looked really really dirty in there…

(my hope is they get ride of the chain lift…hate that CLINCK CLINCK CLINCK…ruins the experience.)


When the news about a rehab first started circulating, it did say they were going to refurb it the same way, but, I agree, 6 months doesn’t seem long enough to do that. :huh:

In any event, I am looking forward to the rehab!


I’m glad we’ll be going up for DW’s birthday in early April.
I knew this was coming, but wasn’t sure when.
Six months isn’t long enough to build a whole new ride like they did in Disneyland.
I wonder what exactly they will be doing and what they will and won’t be replacing.


oh man - it will be down while we are there! boo! but, last trip Rockin Roller Coaster was down, so i’m excited it is up for us this time at least!


My g/f and I were talking about sm needing a refurb when we were just there in Dec and we have gone on youtube and watched videos on the DL sm and we would like it better seems smoother and cooler since its a 2 side seater. but yea, I don’t think there would be much of a problem making some changes in 6 -7 months! I think they can pre-build most of the parts and then just install them into their correct places.


i wonder how they get those parts inside once they are built. wasn’t the building built around the coaster when it was originally constructed? i am curious to see how they pull this off.


End of 2009 reopen? really?? I thoght I read that this was going to be a year + like the small world renno. Glad they have a shorter time line now. I know it’s the favorite of many on here.


I heard the rehab is going to turn it into a dark water ride like PotC but space themed :wink:

(Yo Ho Yo Ho a Space Pirate Life for ME! :laugh: )


[QUOTE=tigger;920175]I heard the rehab is going to turn it into a dark water ride like PotC but space themed :wink:

(Yo Ho Yo Ho a Space Pirate Life for ME! :laugh: )[/QUOTE]

Now that would be cool…I may een go on it. I don’t even go on Space mountain.:ph34r:


I’m keeping my fingers crossed for re opening by September as well. It Will be a downer if space mountain is closed as well as pleasure island :blush:


I hope that there’s going to be new, comfortable seats that supports the head more… everytime I get off the ride I get headaches. It’s not a smooth ride.