Officially going for one day only, Good Friday!


I know this is crazy but we are setting sail on a cruise on Easter Sunday (nonDisney). So DH and I both have holidays from work on Good Friday. What better way to start a vacation then by leaving early and hitting MK for the day!! We know it is crazy busy but we don’t care. We just REALLY need a taste of WDW sooner than Thanksgiving! We’ve been this time before so we know what to expect and we are going back this year so this is just a BONUS!


Yeah. Have fun.


I see nothing crazy about it. Stroll in and just take it all in. You know what’s coming and what it’s going to be like, so your expectations of what you can do and not will be in check. I would love to just stop in for a day regardless of crowds conditions. Have a magical time.


Enjoy those bakery smells on Main street… Have fun!


I think it’s wonderful - what better way to start a vacation than a day full of fun at WDW!


Disney and a cruise, that is awesome. Have fun!!!


We did that a few years back, we surprised the kids on our way home from a visit to with my parents (their in Sarasota). Just booked a day spur of the moment…it was one of our best days…totally unexpected and AWESOME!

Have a great time!


Willby, great news!


Do they do anything special in the parks for Good Friday?