Offsite Disney Shopping at a Discount


Just wondering if anyone has been to the Orlando Premium Outlet. :confused: I read that it has a Disney store there that features merchandise from the parks and resorts at big discounts. I’ve never been there and would like to know what you all think of the Disney Character Premiere store. Seems to be close to Downtown Disney. What do you think?:laugh:


Like any outlet store, it can be hit or miss. I have bought a few T-shirts from the MNSSHP and P&PP for a few bucks a piece. They also usually have seasonal items fairly cheap.

I never make a separate trip there, but if I am in the mood for shopping, you can sometimes find some great deals at the outlets.


I thought we might stop in there on the way home. I always find something I NEED when the prices are good. I may even get more gifts this way.


Like someone else said the outlet is hit or miss, but it is worth stopping by. We go to both of the disney outlets while we are there. There is the one in the Orlando Outlets that you can see off of RT 4, and its close to downtown disney. Then there is the other one is out on International Drive, just down the road and around the corner from Universal Studios.


We’ve found some great deals there over the years, but we’ve also gone sometimes and not found much. We usually always leave with at least a couple of shirts or something. I like taking the kids there to spend their souvenier money because they can usually find a toy or shirt they like, and their money goes a lot farther there than it does at the parks!


We have been there a number of times and it is usually worth the trip. Sometimes they even have the Disney coffee there and hot chocolate. I have gotten some nice mugs as well. Alot of times they have sweatshirts on clearance there.


Thanks so much for the info. I’m definitely going!!


We have been to Disney two seperate times and have found that the outlets are good but if you want to get merchandise from Disney, visit the local Walmart, Target and other large stores. They have alot of good deals that you could easily pay 2 or 3 times more for in the parks itself.


These sort of stores carry liscensed Disney merchandise, but not Walt Disney World merchandise. Most people dont mind, but if you want something that says WDW, you wont find it in a discount store.